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French Saint Martin Police Gendarmes intercepts a go-fast carrying 500 kilos of cocaine!

Fight against #narcotrafic: the Gendarmes intercepts a go-fast carrying 500 kilos of cocaine! 👇🏽

➡️ On the night of Monday, February 8, 2021, the Gendarmes surveillance frigate detected a suspicious boat without nationality marks on the high seas southwest of the island of Saint-Martin. As the go-fast shied away from the approach of the soldiers, the soldiers ordered the three crew members to stop their journey. During this pursuit, 15 bale rejections were observed by the crew of the Gendarmes.

➡️ Of these 15 bales, 11 representatives a total of 364 kilos were recovered and tested positive for cocaine. This cargo and the three individuals arrested were handed over on Tuesday February 9, 2021 at the Fort-de-France naval base to the Martinique branch of the anti-narcotics office (OFAST).

➡️ Vice-admiral Jean Hausermann, commander of the armed forces in the #Antilles, was present to greet this new haul from Gendarmes which would not have been possible without the joint work of the specialized interregional jurisdiction (JIRS), the guard service -côtes des douanes (SGCD) Antilles-Guyana and the National Directorate of Intelligence and Customs Investigations (DNRED).

➡️ This operation, carried out in international cooperation thanks to the American support of US Customs and Border Protection, Air and Marine Operations, is a new blow to drug trafficking in the West Indies after the capture of 4.2 tons of cocaine carried out by Gendarmes on January 17 . Indeed, the 15 bales thrown at sea estimated at 500 kilos represent a loss of 2.5 million euros in the Caribbean and 15 million euros in Europe for drug traffickers.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

© Olivier Nicolas / Armed Forces in the Antilles / Defense

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