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Two men arrested after traffic accident. One female driver assaulted

Two men arrested after traffic accident. One female driver assaulted – Personnel of the detective department are investigating an incident that took place on Union road, next to the Old Three Restaurant, on Friday evening February 19th, 2021, at approximately 11.00pm, the police said in a statement on Monday.

On the evening in question, the Central Police Dispatch received several calls of a lady being assaulted by a male suspect with the initials I.D., after a traffic accident.

According to the information gathered by the officers at the scene, it appears that after the female victim was assaulted by the suspect, a scuffle ensued between the suspect and the victim’s husband, who appeared later at the scene.

The police later tried to calm down the victim’s husband but he was not open to reason and started to rail against the police officers. The victim’s husband with the initials H.G.B. was later detained by the police and brought over to the police station. The suspect I.D. was also arrested for ill-treatment of the female driver.

After being questioned both suspects were released. The investigation into this situation is still ongoing by the detective department. (KPSM)

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