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St Maarten’s 2021 Financial Outlook: Unprecedented Challenges Ahead. Economic/Fiscal Growth Reversed

The Economist’s St Maarten 2021 In brief: The governing coalition between the National Alliance and United People’s Party faces an unprecedented challenge as economic growth and fiscal consolidation are thrown into reverse in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and shutdown in global tourism.

1) Coronavirus vaccinations will slowly allow tourism to reopen and the economy to recover in second-half 2021.
2) The government will seek to increase public borrowing and galvanise international aid to finance the fiscal shortfall.
3) Tourism struggles as new restrictions are introduced
4) Despite hopes for a recovery, the Caribbean tourism industry will fail to return to 2019 levels in 2021-22.
5) Economy | The Caribbean in 2021: Covid-19 vaccine will define fortunes
6) Economic prospects remain grim overall, as tourism will only slowly recover towards the end of the year.

FORECAST: Tax hikes and spending cuts advance
Fiscal austerity measures and a new sales tax are planned in return for continued Dutch fiscal support Maarten/ArticleList/Updates

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