Curacao In Shock, 30 Years Jamaloodin For Hiring Hitman To Kill Then Prime Minister Wiels

Jamaloodin 30 years in prison: instigation of murder Helmin Wiels proven Willemstad – Former Minister of Finance George Jamaloodin was yesterday sentenced by the judges of the Court to a prison sentence of 30 years, minus pre-trial detention, in accordance with the demand of the Public Prosecution Service (OM). Almost eight years after the murder of PS politician Helmin Wiels, his brother Aubert had a bittersweet feeling yesterday: I can finally breathe calmly in part because the person who commissioned my brother’s murder has been convicted. On the other hand, the reason my brother was killed is still unknown. That eats at me. ”The fact that the reason for the murder remains unknown, was confirmed by the Court yesterday: It is certain that it concerns a liquidation: a murder committed in an organized context and on order against payment. Through his actions, Jamaloodin has shown a complete disrespect for the life of the victim. With his actions he caused great suffering to the relatives of the victim and to the country of Curaçao. With regard to the motive, although the thought of a “political murder” has taken hold among many, the criminal investigation has not yielded an unequivocal answer to the why of the murder attempt. ” The Court finds it legally proven that Jamaloodin – who served as Finance Minister in the government of MFK, PS and MAN from 2010 to 2012 – was guilty in the Maximus case of provoking the murder of the founder of Pueblo Soberano (PS ), Helmin Wiels, in May 2013 and is guilty of using false writings in the Germanium case. Jamaloodin has also – unlike in first instance – now been found guilty on appeal in the Passaat case for committing forgery by backdating a so-called Credit Order pursuant to Article 39, paragraph 1, sub 1 of the General National Ordinance on Land Taxes. In the first instance, Jamaloodin was sentenced to 28 years in prison for his involvement in the Maximus and Germanium cases and was acquitted for the Passaat case. The Court held in Maximus that it can be proven that Jamaloodin ordered the murder of Wiels, that he promised money to the person who organized the murder and that he paid for the murder, which on 5 May 2013 took place. In its ruling, the Court stated that Jamaloodin chose to “stubbornly deny” his involvement in Wiels’ murder. In view of the nature and seriousness of this crime, the Court attaches great importance to the punitive purpose of retaliation. The Court involved the role played by Jamaloodin – provoking and operating in the background. Already on the basis of his attitude to the proceedings, in denial with regard to this crime, it is not possible for the Court to include Jamaloodin’s insights into the seriousness of his conduct in the request for appropriate punishment. In addition, by punishing Jamaloodin, the Court intends to contribute to preventing others from committing such crimes as well, ”the verdict said. Jamaloodin himself was also present in his orange prison overalls yesterday and looked back at his family in court after pronouncing the verdict. When the judge pronounced the 30 years in prison, he hung his head. His counsel Eldon “Peppie” Sulvaran indicated afterwards that his client is disappointed. The lawyer accused the OM of bribing witnesses to testify against Jamaloodin. But the journey is not over yet; next week we will file an appeal in cassation. ” In the Passaat case it has been established that Jamaloodin issued an order on 11 April for the implementation of art. 39, paragraph 1 under a, of the General National Ordinance on Land Taxes and “knowingly and knowingly incorrectly dated April 7, 2011”. According to the three judges of the Court, this has established that Jamaloodin intentionally falsified a document, while that document was pre-eminently intended to serve as evidence of any fact. This also indicates that Jamaloodin at that time Minister of Finance, as an official in committing the criminal offense, made use of power, given to him by his office ”, according to the Court. The Court has established that Jamaloodin was further guilty of embezzlement, by withdrawing from their destination an amount of no less than 450,000 guilders in subsidy money for private purposes. However, the Court cannot establish that Jamaloodin held those subsidy funds in his ministry as Minister of Finance, or that he he has used the power and opportunity given him by that office. The Public Prosecution has chosen to place the accusation only in the context of a criminal offense and not also in the key to the “normal” embezzlement. For that reason, the Court acquitted Jamaloodin of this criminal offense that he was accused of. In this investigation, the Court did prove that Jamaloodin used false writings with a view to embezzling the amount of 450,000 guilders.

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