Netherlands Vs Former Antilles

The Netherlands Was Meghan Markled By The Silveria Jacobs Government…🤫

I believe that Grisha and Rolando are in trouble. They threw Silveria’s name out there just to muddle things a little bit, but good sources tell me, this is NOT Silveria… But Silveria is in a bind.

The Washington Post article was A Grisha Marten/Mrs. Theo Heyliger production.

Holland spent a FULL day digesting that popcorn yesterday… THEY weren’t being quiet, they were seething.

Why did His Royal Idleness Dutch King, Willem Alexander call his ‘darkest’ islands yesterday?…. Saba and Statia? JUST calling to see if his negroes there were okay? He just called them last week… Remember? When he intentionally snubbed Sint Maarten?🤫

BOTH THE DUTCH KING AND HIS GOVERNMENT WERE ‘MARKLED’. You noticed that Queen Elizabeth suddenly reached out to Harry? Well that is what his Royal Dutch Such n Such, is doing right now. Does NOT mean he’s happy…. He is tired of being called a Racist. You think Queen Elizabeth is happy right now?

Here is what will happen. André will be the first to open his yap…he got nothing else going on in his life. André and his little SXM Hard on. He is obsessed. Shortly after, his little submissive Ronald Van Raak will pipe up, saying whatever André, his dominant tells him to say.

Then Minister Knops will come with food packages just not to be called racist. So Knops just magically pulled food aid out his ass??? No… Grisha and Mamzelle Duncan had them up all night. Gotta go, so MUCH info from Holland cannot keep up. Enjoy your free food… Holland offering US food, because they are coming after our government. I do not care how tough life is. I would NOT want to be a St Maarten politician right now.

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