sarah wescot williams

It’s Not Sint Maarten Vs. The Dutch. It Is Grisha Marten Vs. Sarah Wescot Williams And Melissa Gumbs

“Wescot-Williams wondered how something like this could take place without any prior information to the Parliament of St. Maarten.

“In questioning and strongly objecting to this modus operandi of the presidium of Parliament in the meeting of this morning [Wednesday], which regretfully was closed-door, reference was constantly made of the motion of November of last year. It seems to be that the supporters of that motion of last year regarding decolonisation are of the opinion that their president/presidium of Parliament has carte blanche where it pertains to contacting services and firms based on that motion.

“I want to make it clear that I emphatically reject this type of an operation by the Parliament of St. Maarten. I emphatically reject that we, the people of St. Maarten, and I take off cap as MP for a moment, are subjected to this kind of treatment on a topic such as this – that the Parliament feels it’s okay, together with a firm in Washington and the presidium of Parliament, to decide what is presented.”

Wescot-Williams is concerned that the petition will put the country’s liquidity support in jeopardy.

“This presentation concludes by asking and requesting that basically the COHO [Caribbean Reform and Development Body] be revisited. The parliament and the presidium of parliament, by endorsing this presentation made by the Choharis Law Group of Washington, actually have put the liquidity assistance provided and agreed to for St. Maarten in jeopardy.

“Why am I so convinced of this? The agreement signed between the Prime Minister [Jacobs] and [Dutch State Secretary for Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Raymond – Ed.] Knops states that any indication that there is no support for the draft COHO legislation would cancel the agreement regarding the liquidity assistance and the country packages, etc.

“This is an undermining of the government and its efforts to secure financing for the people of St. Maarten. … You have those MPs charged with the leadership of parliament feel that they can take the entire parliament along – all 15 MPs – for a ride in this fashion.

“I reject it and I oppose even the semblance that that presentation represents this MP, the UD faction in Parliament.”

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