Netherlands Vs Former Antilles

Sint Maarten Covid19 Numbers Are Strikingly Low Compared To Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao. They Can’t Figure Out Why.

The Netherlands Is Surprised By Dutch Sint Maarten’s Strikingly LOW Covid19 Numbers Compared To Aruba, Bonaire And Curacao Info
Curaçao and Bonaire have had to deal with a sharp increase in the number of corona infections in the past week. On Thursday, there were 205 active infections on Curaçao, compared to 70 a week earlier. On Bonaire there were 164 on Thursday compared to 55 a week earlier.
As a result, Curaçao introduced an extension of the curfew last Monday; the clock now applies from 10 pm instead of midnight. Bonaire tightened up the corona measures a week ago, partly by closing unnecessary shops. Island Governor Edison Rijna said on Thursday that, despite the continuing increase in the number of corona infections, no new measures will be taken. However, more attention is paid to communication to the population and to mental health care.

It is striking that the number of infections on Sint Maarten has been low for quite some time. This week it was largely between 15 and 20 active infections. Aruba has seen a slight increase in the number of infections, which was 221 active infections on Thursday. The increase in the Antillean Islands is mainly linked to the British variant that is present on the islands. A vaccination program has been started on the islands since the end of last month. The second delivery of vaccines took place this week.

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