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St Maarten DAMNED if you do, DAMNED if you don’t. WOMEN ARE JUST ‘DAMNED’.

1) It does not matter how small and insignificant a creature might be in the Caribbean. If you step on it, it will sting you…..No one and nothing just snaps, you have to apply pressure. Before the explosion, there is the catalyst.

2) If you are money motivated, you cannot be an activist or blogger. I don’t work for money, I struggle but I sleep. I’m okay with that.

3) Life becomes very difficult when you go against the grain, especially in a country as small as St Maarten. But because of who I am, and what I do… I have survived.

4) You cannot keep anyone close, it is so called FAMILY and so called Friends that they send at you. YOU CANNOT CARE ABOUT WHAT THEY CALL YOU, WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT YOU. But it is difficult not allowing them to get to you.

5) If you do what I do you maintain distance and isolation, not because of paranoia, but because of experience.

6) YES…. Some days will be hard, some days will be impossible. Some days you cannot get out of bed because you wonder, what is the use? You must be willing to listen to people trash you all day. Not because you did anything, but because people are afraid, and they were paid.

7) You have to believe that you are doing the right thing, when EVERYONE is telling you that you are doing the wrong thing.

8) You have to deal with more than just physical attacks. Some people are sent into your life just to undermine you, destroy your confidence, distract you, but you must perservere.

9) They will watch you until they believe you are at your weakest, to come in for the kill.

10) NOBODY does anything for free, there is always a motive, some behind the scenes movements.

11) In St Maarten they only raise you up, to cast you down. Tell you that you are doing wrong, but not how to do it right.

12) If they cannot use you as a pawn, you are NOBODY and nothing.

13) Intelligence and thinking are frowned upon, they only want people who follow orders.

14) They dress up in suits, to talk down to you, like you don’t know EVERYTHING about them.

15) They go to church, not to see God, but for you to SEE them

16) They congregate every day, just to watch you walk by. They don’t realize that if they were as focused on their own lives, they would be doing better with no time to worry about you.

17) The people trying to distract and disuade you from doing you, calling you a failure, have a fear of failure. They don’t know that it takes failure to succeed.

18) Non conformity is very MUCH discouraged in St Maarten, so if you are the slightest bit different you are punished. Guess what? If you conform for people you will NEVER be happy. You punish yourself anyway.

19) I CHOOSE to do what I do knowing the consequences. I believe I am on earth for a reason, just like you. Because of that reason, my life will never be easy. As a female, nothing is supposed to be easy in the Caribbean, I have come to terms with that.

20) I had to choose between comforts and being able to sleep at night, I chose sleep.

21) I realize in St Maarten a long time ago that when you don’t allow people to abuse you, use you, prey on you, victimize you… You make enemies

22) In St Maarten you do not have to do anything but defend yourself and tell the TRUTH to make very powerful enemies. So I have A LOT OF ENEMIES. But I sleep at night.

23) You have two choices in St Maarten. Suffer in silence or speak out and suffer the consequences.

24) I have issues speaking with my tie tongue and lisp, so I Express myself better when writing …

25) Before I get back to the dishes, I have to reiterate… DO NOT APPLY PRESSURE… THEN CRY THAT SOMEONE SNAPPED. I practice a lot of restraint. I am Too restrained. Because I am a female of small stature. I am seen as an easy target. If I respond. It does

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