Netherlands Vs Former Antilles

The Dutch St Maarten Government Intentionally Dropped The Washington Post ‘Race’ Bomb On The Netherlands, One Week Before Their General Elections.

In case you’re wondering… In this corner we have Dutch Sint Maarten, weighing in at 34 Kilos… She started this fight.

And in this corner we have Dutch Europe a.k.a. The Netherlands, Also known as ‘The Oppressors’ in certain seas….They weigh in at a staggering 41.543 Kilos. They appear to be shocked and mad as hell right now. RIGHT before their Elections, right after their unstable government fell, and people are rioting in the streets protesting lock down and curfew, right now the Netherlands looking like a TRUE Banana Republic…..How DARE the Dutch Sint Maarten government take from Holland’s playbook and humiliate their crooked politicians, in a sneak attack world wide? IT’s funny how Holland always complains that we don’t act Dutch enough, until we go in on them ‘Makamba style’🤷🏿‍♀️

Let’s be clear… I despise everyone involved, but in this pandemic, I will take what little entertainment my government gives me. They blew all that Irma Funding we don’t even have streaming.

Exactly one week, March 10th, before the Netherland General Elections, The Dutch Sint Maarten government dropped a bomb on them. In one of the largest newspapers in the Western Hemisphere, one with over 100 MILLION visits per month, The Washington Post.


I have no problem with the Dutch Holland and Dutch St Maarten governments savaging each other in the International press.

In fact, I quite enjoy it…. as should you. A bunch of overweight, overpaid kleptocrats duking it out. I heard Minister Knops is sending us food packages…

Tell him we enjoy popcorn and tea. Lots of it.

Knops figures if our mouths are filled, with food, we can’t complain too much when they start the wholesale scraping up our lovely government.

Since September 2017 The Sint Maarten government been begging for assistance and food from the Netherlands. Little did we know, all we had to do was send some irate women to complain to the very WOKE Washington Post.

Holland cannot top that, and they were caught unexpected. Pants down, ass out, that is how Silveria, Grisha and Solange caught them.

Dingaling Dollocks Blowing in the wind.

Is it a coincidence that André Bosman, the Sint Maarten government’s biggest antagonist in de Tweede Kamer, QUIETLY RETIRED the day they TRIPLE MARKLED him?

EVERY time Sint Maarten holds an election, Holland WAITS until the week before we vote to start arresting party leaders, fck up the whole elections.

Sniped them. Guerrilla style.

This time, it was The SXM Government who turned the tables on them and tried to eff with THEIR elections.

I have a lot of deep political contacts in Holland from when I lived there. Let me get back to editing VIDEOS because ayu een guh seh I seh🤫


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