Netherlands Vs Former Antilles

United Democrats (UD) MP Sarah Wescot-Williams rejected and strongly opposed petition submitted by States to United Nations

Philipsburg – United Democrats (UD) MP Sarah Wescot-Williams rejected and strongly opposed petition submitted by States to United Nations earlier this week to investigate violations of the law of the UN mandate on full self-government for the people of Sint Maarten. According to Wescot-Williams, the document does not represent her, neither as a member of Parliament nor as a citizen of Sint Maarten, nor her party. The petition jeopardizes the country’s liquidity support, says the parliamentarian. Wescot-Williams wondered how such a thing could happen without prior information to the Parliament of Sint Maarten, “In questioning and strongly objecting to this modus operandi of the presidium of parliament during Wednesday’s session, which unfortunately was closed, there was constant reference to last November’s motion. It appears that the supporters of last year’s decolonization motion believe that their Speaker / Presidium of Parliament has carte blanche when it comes to contacting services and businesses based on that motion, ”said Wescot-Williams. “I want to make it clear that I strongly disapprove of these kinds of actions by the States of Sint Maarten. I strongly reject that we, the residents of Sint Maarten, undergo such treatment and that the parliament thinks it is okay to decide, together with a firm in Washington and the presidium of the States, on what is presented. ” Wescot-Williams is concerned that the petition will jeopardize the country’s liquidity support. “This petition ends with a request to essentially re-examine the Coho (Caribbean Body for Reform and Development). The parliament and the presidium of the parliament, by endorsing this presentation of the Choharis Law Group of Washington, have actually endangered the provided and agreed liquidity support for Sint Maarten ”, says the assistant government member. “Why am I so convinced of this? The agreement between the Prime Minister and State Secretary for the Interior and Kingdom Relations Raymond Knops states that any indication of no support for the draft Coho legislation will cancel the agreement on liquidity support and the country packages. ” Wescot-Williams said the petition “undermines the government and its efforts to secure funding for the people of St. Martin.” “You have those members of parliament who are in charge of parliament, who have the feeling that they can take the entire parliament – all 15 members of Parliament – for a ride in this way. In any case, I reject the petition and I am against the appearance that it represents this Member of Parliament and the UD group in Parliament.

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