Netherlands Vs Former Antilles

Answers to St Maarten Government questions Saturday March 13th 2021

Answers to questions:
1) MP Christopher Emmanuel is asking what the hold up is with MP Rolando Brison Minister’s confirmation. Dear Chris, it is not a hold up, it is a CANCELLATION. They just have not told you yet. They are stringing you along, telling you that it is the Governor…it is NOT.
2) You might have been assured a Ministry, Christopher, to loot some more coffers, but that was before you turned on Silveria and your party.
3) Rolando had been assured that he had passed screening, and he did. Until he turned on Silveria and threatened to bring down government if there was no carnival. Suddenly additional information was handed to Mr Richardson, to give to the screeners. #FAIL!
4) Every Maco in the St Maarten government who lunches with Corallo ends up in jail. Frans, Silvio, Theo… Yet, here you are Rolando, on camera, an Island Government Representative, lunching with the mafia! Broad daylight too!
5) Grisha is blabbing and Silveria is staying quiet, because Silveria has a brain, and Grisha does not.
6) Here is a basic lesson in marriage and community property, Ms. Grisha… when you married Theo, he was robbing the poor St Maarteners of hundreds of millions and pocketing millions everytime a contract was signed. Those were your millions too. Now, the theft has been uncovered. Your husband was busted and imprisoned. His $17 Million dollar debt, THAT is YOUR debt too.

When you married the money you also married his legal cost, lawyer bills, court costs, restitution and debt. I hope they take monthly payments, Ms. Marten
7) Grisha will accomplish her mission of publicly shaming the Dutch… for a sec, but she cannot win the long game.
8) According to Theo’s people, he is against this. It’s Rolando leading her to jail.
9) Since 2009, all I’ve seen are SXM politicians who were smarter than everyone else, going to jail.
10) St Maarten does not have lengthy jail sentences for white collar crime, so what Holland does is suck them dry. Lawyer fees, court cost, restitution, the works.
11) St Maarten has politicians commiting crimes, because they don’t mind serving a little time for a few million dollars. While you are serving your time, your lawyers will be spending that money. And you will be getting nothing but horns while you are gone. Isn’t that right, Theo? Theo Heyliger can expect to be in and out of Court for the next 20 years or so. Additional charges, new investigations, that is what Grisha, you married into.
12) If there was a clean, intelligent group going after and calling out the Dutch, I would fully support that. But there isn’t. IT’s Madame Deficit, and her side kick, Monsieur Embezzler.
13a) Imagine you lend your friend in need money, when pay back day comes, they tell you that they want their independence.

13b) Your friend wants the 17 MILLION you stole from them, you run to the papers and call them racists. Yes they are racist, but your husband is also a THIEF!
PAY BACK ALL THE MILLIONS Y’ALL STOLE! Then we can talk emancipation, decolonization…colonoscopy… Whatever you like.
14) All those millions Theo stole, could not fix your teeth, shave down those camel gums of yours. Grinning your buck teeth in my face, like I’m the one.
15) Good luck in Miami when you head to those secret accounts to retrieve all that money.
16) According to sources, those hidden millions in Miami is the reason a certain female politician could not run on UP slate last year.
17) They will follow the money, the Swift codes, the wire transaction Numbers.
18) All you rich bitches believing that your offshore bank accounts are safe. They are NOT. Think Panama Papers, the Luxembourg Papers that incriminated Ansary at Mullet Bay, and more. All it takes is one disgruntled hacker, to disappear that cash, so I hope you and hubby buried it in the sand somewhere. St Maarten has 37 beaches…
19) If you slapped someone, and they offered you a plate of food, would you eat it?
20) Grisha back handed Knops all across the Atlantic, and Knops responded with a 15.2 Million Euro plate of food.
You know when you take your Child out in public, and they start embarrasing you and acting the fool? They want this and that, and they want it NOW!?!! Times have changed, you are no longer allowed to flog your children in public, and everybody’s watching you. What can you do but smile? And give them whatever they want in PUBLIC…. But wait til you get home.

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