Dutch Sint Maarten RST Investigating Curacao’s Themis Case, No Limit Gang Hato Airport Shooting.

Dutch Sint Maarten RST Investigating Curacao’s Themis Case, No Limit Gang Hato Airport Shooting. No Limit Soldier Arrested In Dubai FULL STORY: 38-year-old C.F.L. and 34-year-old A.A.F.E. appeared yesterday at a pro forma session in the large-scale investigation called Themis. Both suspects were arrested during a major action in Curaçao on November 26 and 27, 2020. They have since been in custody. In the investigation, the sights are focused on the NLS gang of Coral Specht and Shurandy “Tyson” Quant. He was arrested and extradited in Dubai last November. The 36-year-old J.K. arrested who was involved in the Hato shooting at the airport of Curaçao in 2014. Both men who now had to appear are also suspected of being part of the No Limit Soldiers (NLS). According to the Public Prosecution Service a criminal organization. It is held responsible for international drug trafficking and multiple violent crimes. In the Themis case, an investigation is being conducted into criminal offenses that have been committed in the various countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and in countries outside it in recent years. A criminal investigation team was therefore formed especially for this investigation, consisting of members of the police forces of Sint Maarten, Curaçao, Aruba and the Criminal Investigation Cooperation Team (RST). This investigation team is headed by the Public Prosecution Service Sint Maarten and the Public Prosecution Service Curaçao. The Court of First Instance today rejected requests from the suspects to be released. The custody of both men has today been extended by the General Court until June 25, 2021, when the case will return to court. The criminal investigation is continuing.

……..Postponement of appeal shooting at Hato Airport
January 31, 2016

Last Thursday, the Common Court of Justice in Curaçao decided to postpone the case, which was named “Hato-shooting”, until April 7. This at the request of the defense, who needs more time to prepare further.

As is known, the case concerns the shooting of July 15, 2014 at Aeropuerto Hato, the airport of Curaçao. Around a quarter past eight that evening, passengers of the Air Berlin flight came out of the exit. As usual for a flight from Europe, many collectors were waiting for the passengers. They do this outside, there is no accommodation in the airport for collectors.

Automatic weapons
When one of the passengers, Erwin “Djais” Juliana, came out, fire was opened on him with automatic weapons, fatally injuring Juliana as well as his accompanying cousin Shentley “Champi” Arnhem and seven people were seriously injured.

Later it turned out to be a total of five perpetrators, two of which were the shooters: Judrin Martis and Adrian Martha. A 28-year-old police officer, Xavier de Windt, was also involved in the liquidation. He passed on the flight data to the perpetrators, for which he received 35,000 Antillean guilders.

On June 26, 2015, he was sentenced to eight years in prison for complicity in the double murder, two years more than the demand of the Public Prosecution Service.

First instance
On June 18, 2015, the Curaçao Court of First Instance (the District Court) ruled in the Hato case, finding it proven that the five men collaborated to liquidate Erwin “Djais” Juliana at Hato Airport for a fee. They also fired at the pursuing police with their automatic weapons.

Airport shootout leaves two dead on Curaçao
Two people are dead, and at least six others are injured after passengers drove a car up to the arrivals hall of the Curacao International Airport and started shooting at some of the passengers. At least one of those killed in the shootout was inside the car. A witness told local media outlet Vers Geperst that another person shot was Jais Juliana, an alleged underworld crime boss and the possible target of the brazen attack. The gunfire erupted at about 8:15 p.m. local time on Tuesday. Several others were critically injured. Local reports say a woman in a wheelchair was hit by a stray bullet while she was in a parking lot. A woman in the arrivals hall was also struck in the leg. Police have identified neither the ages, nationalities nor hometowns of those shot. “I thought it was fireworks for a moment,” said Katinga van Horssen. She had been at the airport with her daughter-in-law waiting for her son to arrive. They saw a man fall down, and the two women dropped to the ground as the shots continued. “When it stopped, we wanted to get up, but the shooting started again. One man near the exit was very badly injured; I do not know if he is still alive,” van Horssen said. “When it stopped again, we ran inside.” Police sources told local media that the incident could be the latest crime in an ongoing war between rival drug gangs. Curacao is a key drug trafficking export point for narcotics headed from South America to Europe. The intended targets were believed to have been on a flight from Germany. Those in the arrivals hall included passengers from an Air Berlin flight that had landed just before the shooting

2014 …WILLEMSTAD, Curacao – Chaos broke out at the Hato International Airport on Tuesday evening when gun shots were fired at arriving passengers on an Air Berlin flight that arrived from Germany moments before. According to incoming reports, two persons were killed and between six to eight were wounded at the airport. Identities of those persons have not been released by the authorities as they continue to investigate the shooting incident. Police authorities locked down the Hato International Airport in search of the perpetrators. It seems that the shooting is gang related. One of the two killed apparently has links to the criminal underworld on the island, according to reports coming out of Curacao. The authorities already have a lead on who the perpetrators are and expect to make an arrest within short. According to eye witness reports, a car drove up to the Hato Airport Arrival Hall and one of the passengers came out and opened fire on a group of persons who were coming out of the arrival hall to meet friends, families or to catch a taxi to take them to their hotel to spend their holiday on the island. Tourism authorities are very concerned with respect to the incident and what impact it will have on the sector.

De 38-jarige C.F.L. en de 34-jarige A.A.F.E. verschenen gisteren op een pro forma zitting in het grootschalig onderzoek met de naam Themis. Beide verdachten zijn tijdens een grote actie op Curaçao op 26 en 27 november 2020 aangehouden. Zij zitten sindsdien in voorarrest. In het onderzoek is het vizier gericht op de NLS-bende van Koraal Specht en Shurandy ‘Tyson’ Quant. Die werd vorig jaar november in Dubai aangehouden en uitgeleverd. Eerder werd al de 36-jarige J.K. aangehouden die betrokken was bij de Hato-shooting op het vliegveld van Curaçao in 2014. Beide mannen die nu moesten verschijnen worden ook verdacht deel uit te maken van de No Limit Soldiers (NLS). Volgens het Openbaar Ministerie een criminele organisatie. Zij wordt verantwoordelijk gehouden voor de internationale handel in verdovende middelen en voor meerdere geweldsdelicten. In de zaak Themis wordt onderzoek gedaan naar strafbare feiten die de afgelopen jaren in de verschillende landen van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden en in landen daarbuiten zijn gepleegd. Speciaal voor dit onderzoek is daarom een rechercheteam geformeerd, bestaande uit leden van de politiekorpsen van Sint Maarten, Curaçao, Aruba en het Recherche Samenwerkingsteam (RST). Dit rechercheteam staat onder leiding van het Openbaar Ministerie Sint Maarten en het Openbaar Ministerie Curaçao. Het Gerecht in Eerste Aanleg heeft vandaag verzoeken van de verdachten om in vrijheid te worden gesteld afgewezen. Het voorarrest van beide mannen is vandaag door het Gerecht verlengd tot en met 25 juni 2021 als de zaak weer op zitting zal staan. Het strafrechtelijk onderzoek wordt voortgezet.

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