judith roumou sxm

New LIVE Video: Grisha Marten & The SXM Government do NOT Represent The St Maarten People. LOCK THEM UP! But Make Sure They Pay Back EVERY RED CENT first!

I want to see you go to the Chinese grocer to steal a bread. When the police show up and cuff you, demand your independence! They will lock your Black ass up, and throw away the key…. for a piece of bread. Grisha Marten, the avaricious, empty headed, jump up Gold digger, does NOT represent me. Solange Duncan, spawn of the most criminal Justice Minister EVER to represent St Maarten, does NOT represent me. Christopher Emmanuel, the land thief, fresh out of jail, STILL  under investigation, does NOT represent me. Toontje Buncamper, fresh out the trap house, fresh, new investigation, does NOT represent me. More importantly… they do NOT represent 90% of St Maarteners!
Nothing more dangerous than when you mix stupidity with greed. Was there a Vote? A referendum? When did St Maarten decide all of this… More importantly……WHO DA FCK IS GRISHA MARTEN? The wife of a criminal, who came from a long line of criminals dating back to the 1950’s. These are the people who have kept St Maarteners too impoverished, weak and afraid to stand up as they looted HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS FOR DECADES. THEY ARE KEEPING ST MAARTEN IN POVERTY… NOT HOLLAND. You can call Holland racist but all they do is SEND money. All our government does is STEAL money. We are not a democracy, we are a kleptocracy. ONLY THIEVES ARE RUNNING GOVERNMENT IN SXM!

I’m just getting warmed up. Let me get my coffee and my sidekick, because this might take all day. This is just a sampler. You are lucky I am not in government. The first thing I would do is write up legislation to arrest every last one of government and keep them in a lobster trap until their trial. If they make it, they make it… If they don’t, at least the lobsters were well fed…

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