We Do This For Sint Maarten, Because Nobody Else Will

If you want a long career in the St Maarten government, don’t get caught stealing and keep Judith Regina Roumou name out of your mouth. I beat the veterans into submission, now they are sending the Newbies. They can call me anything in the book but a liar. Understand me…. I am an indigenous Black West Indian woman. I am at the bottom of the Totem Pole. I cannot just make statements as an indigenous Black woman. I have to provide verifiable EVIDENCE. I do this for free. The Translations, transcriptions, editing. Not because I’m stupid or crazy. I realized that if I do not do it, NOBODY Will. 90% the St Maarten population are left in the Dark because official business is conducted in Dutch and Papiamentu. Even if they speak Dutch, most don’t know how to find the info. They like it that way…. Ignorance is bliss. Here is where I come in. I get up most mornings at around 4.am. I translate all info to English, and post. I do this for the people who want to know. Most of my family on the French side or abroad do not speak Dutch or Papiamentu. I do it for them too.

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