Judith Regina Roumou

Black On Black Racism Hurts St Maarten More Than Any Dutch European Racist Can.

There are people who genuinely want to understand the current conflict between the St Maarten Government and the Holland Government.
That is what I will try to explain here. But it is not simple, it is a complex situation.
I am a born Dutch St Maartener, like my mother, my grandfather, great grandfather, but I’m also born Afro Caribbean. So I have a unique perspective. Being raised here, being educated and married in the USA, living in Holland like a refugee. Here we go…

Dutch European Racism Is Not The Reason The Majority of Black St Maarteners Continue to struggle in St Maarten. Black St Maarteners struggle in a cycle of poverty because of…

A) COLORISM…St Maarten is a modern day plantation. If you are not a light enough person of color… you cannot get the job. Or you are allowed to work in the field, not in the house. Overqualified, dark skinned St Maarteners won’t get the job. They qualify to be manager, but they hire them as the gardener. And you better not question it, because then you are ungrateful.
The Dutch might have started the slave trade to St Maarten, but 200 years later, they are in Europe and it is OUR OWN BLACK PEOPLE perpetuating slavery, the slave mentality, plantation mentality, segregation, apartheid, colonialism… I don’t have to go to Europe or the Southern United States, or South Africa for that. All I have to do as a Black female is travel to Guana Bay or Cupecoy to be discriminated against in MY own country, by MY OWN people.
Black on Black racism hurts us more than any European racist ever can.

B) CLASSISM: St Maarten is a kleptocracy. Unlike America, you are respected if you steal to keep up appearance. You are shunned if you bust your ass at Burger King, but lauded as a God if you steal enough millions to buy the poshest things. In the St Maarten government, they were literally having competitions to see which politician would make the most millions skimming Irma contracts. The people complaining about unfinished schools, are the same ones marching to defend Theo and Grisha. They don’t realize that part of that 17 Million stolen by Theo was meant to rebuild the schools. They are brainwashed, people like Claude Wathey, Theo Heyliger his wife Grisha have convinced many that they are Robin Hood, stealing from the oppressive, Dutch White man in order to provide for the poor people in St Maarten. People do not understand, once Holland releases the money, it is OUR money…. It just never gets to us.
The St Maarten politicians have weak minded, semi literate sheep believing that it is a war between Holland and St Maarten. Bullsht! Please do not believe that. It is not about RACE in St Maarten, it is about class. They convince the POOREST and LEAST educated to go MARCH in the rain to release Theo from prison. They went to the brothels, put the Colombian and Venezuelan prostitutes in heels to MARCH for the St Maarten cause. They PAY poor, uneducated people to march, they are not even St Maarteners, but people see the photos around the World and believe St Maarteners are marching for their corrupt government… WE ARE NOT! It is plato or plombo. Threats and bribes, keep the population quiet.

When I spoke out they arrested and kept arresting me….NEVER CHARGED, OVER A DOZEN ARRESTS! But it was not about charging me with a crime, it was about putting fear in the St Maarten people.
See??? Look at Judith, THIS is what happens if you open your mouth about government. Do you want to end up like Judith? Wouldn’t you rather have a cushy job as a no good do-nothing civil servant??? If you have to feed your kids and family, what do you do? You shut up, pretend there is no problem.
If you understand what was done to me, year in year out as I was bleeding to death, then you will understand people with mouths to feed do NOT have a choice. They do not. If I had kids in St Maarten I would have been too afraid. Not for me, but for my kids. I don’t have kids.
Why? My pets were all I had after my mom died, so they figured if they killed them it would break me. I survived that, they made me stronger and more determined than ever.

In 2011, one year after I started my one person crusade against the corrupt Sint Maarten government, they came ON MOTHER’S DAY, took my mother. They had WARNED me not to go on the Oral Gibbs program, they had warned me to shut up. The week previous they sent my uncle Winston Roumou, Elaine’s father, to come to the house to let me know if I did not stop writing about the government they would take my mother and kill me. So they took my mom, and I was forced to be quiet in order to see her. Next time I saw my mother fully, it was a few months after they had taken her, she was in a coffin. THAT was supposed to kill me, I barely survived.
I was diagnosed with PTSD in The Netherlands
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and it is ongoing, because I returned to Sint Maarten, nothing has changed. I am supposed to give up. Many days I do, but I cannot be inactive. That is almost torture, watching a problem, whispering about a problem doing nothing about it. Every so often my moods change, but people who know me, understand me. They just let me be, until I am normal again.
I have to knock on wood, I am surrounded by pretty good neighbors that look out for me.
So to those who wonder how I survive, I only allow SELECT people into my life. And they are thinking about my well being when I can’t. When the elite, big shot politicians were paying people, and being paid to hire people to literally assault and kill me, there are people in my life who NEVER say anything, but they save me over and over and over again.
One guy told me in 2015… This is almost verbatim, he said “Judith, we would’ve run up on you in there (in my house) a million times….Do you know how we watch your house, all day?” I said, “Because of my surveillance cameras…”. He said “No, because of your nosy neighbors, watching your house”

NEPOTISM: Have you noticed that you only see the same last names in the St Maarten government? Year after year, generation after generation. Ministers of this and that. That is the NEPOTISM that is systemic in our political system. Why should you come back to St Maarten with your PHD, knowing that you will be forced to work under one of Leroy de Weever’s low IQ, nepotistic appointed daughters or one of his hand selected nieces and nephews? That is the game. In St Maarten either you play the game or you are not allowed to eat, sleep, work or live. Those are the options educated St Maarteners are given, so most flee and never come back. They bless other countries with their brilliance. Google St Maarten election slate for the past 40 years, look at the last names. Those who want to get in are kept out or squeezed out unless they want to play these games. So the smart people who have a choice leave and live in countries where they are appreciated.
CRONYISM: They only appoint the children and family of people they owe favors to. Have you ever walked into any St Maarten Civil Servant or Government office, and wondered how on earth they were employed? Cronyism, a favor for a friend. While the most qualified who refuse to be compromised are forced to beg for bread. But it is better to beg than to steal, and bend over and prostitute yourself like these people in government. It is what they do, it is what they have to do to get ahead. You won’t do it, you stay broke. It is that simple.

Even if you have a brain in St Maarten, you are not allowed to use it. They don’t hire based on intelligence, they hire based on the fact that you follow orders, no questions asked. Whether it’s unethical, criminal or immoral, you are expected to do it…. no questions asked. If you don’t you receive a dismissal letter like the male police officer who was being sexually harassed by Minister Stuart Johnson. We all have the emails. When he refused to sleep with the Minister for money, he received a dismissal letter. Often in St Maarten the only qualification that you need is the lack of morals, ethics and a conscience.
St Maarten politicians and government civil servants strut around so proud, like we don’t know what they had to do to get that SUV. We know that we cannot get the job, because we have to sleep at night. I have 10 years of SXM government emails. There are men strutting around in three piece suits, believing that they qualified for a job. Behind the scenes, behind his back his wife is performing favors on HIS supervisors, to ensure he gets promoted, and he doesn’t even know it. This is verifiable, she knows who she is.

The elites writing up petitions unilaterally, without respecting the people enough to ask them what they want are trying to use cheap, pop psychology. Gaslighting the St Maarten people, and it is not the Dutch Government, IT WAS OUR OWN BLACK PEOPLE. So keep blaming the Boogie Man.

They shunned me, starved me made it impossible to get a job or work. When I would get work they would say, “Do not pay her, or else’. They didn’t kill me, every day I woke up stronger, I don’t know how. Maybe my mother and grandmother are watching over me.

For those who do not know, from 2005 until 2015, I was battling massive tumors. I was hemorrhaging every day. Bleeding every day. I was denied medical help, left to die because of political pressure. This is not an immigrant, refugee, illegal alien story. THIS is what they do to you if you dare speak out. Imagine if you were a foreigner.

The military came to my house, escorted me to the airport, got me out of the country to save my life…it was after current Minister Ludmilla de Weevers father, then Parliamentarian Leroy de Weever KICKED ME IN MY STOMACH, ON CAMERA IN PUBLIC. AND HE PAID MONEY.
The right last name, the right connections and money.
When they rushed me to the Netherlands for surgery. They could not operate. All I heard for 6 months as the tumors grew out of control, was that they couldn’t operate because I wouldn’t make it. They told me prepare to die. So I did.
In Holland I was from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist and every last one of them were shocked and stunned at my condition. I was a DUTCH PERSON IN A DUTCH COUNTRY WHO HAD BEEN DENIED MEDICAL ASSISTANCE, because in St Maarten, they even control the doctors. The abuse, the medical malpractice. The mistreatment. When this government tried literally for Years to kill me, WHITE MAKAMBA HOLLAND CAME AND RESCUED MY BLACK ASS FROM MY OWN BLACK PEOPLE, BEFORE THEY SUCCEEDED IN KILLING ME.
I was poisoned, assaulted, blackballed, blacklisted… Not because I did anything bad but because I spoke out. I speak out sometimes not to be controversial, but to say what everyone else is whispering but afraid to say. While they are marching the Elites in government are having lunch at Yvettes in French Quarter, where they can’t be seen. Cookie, Emil, Grisha, Theo…INDIAN, ASIAN, BLACK WHITE all dining on $600 plates, 5 Course meals … How can it be a race issue? Once they steal enough money, rise to a higher social class, they look down on you. No matter what race they might be, or you might be. While you are out fighting and arguing for the party that you support, behind the scenes they are best friends wife swapping. In public they pretend to hate each other, and people buy it. They create imaginary enemies for the people to fear, and people believe it.

1) Before you join a war, you must find out who the general is… People are trying to get me to take sides, let me try to explain my perspective.
2) I am not a follower, even when following is the easiest. I could have had it easy, but my mind is wired differently. Maybe it’s because I’ve been abroad for so long. In order for me to be a part of something it has to make sense.
3) Because I didn’t bend or bow and they couldn’t compromise me, now they are trying to recruit me?
4) Grisha Marten, Rolando Brison are trying to gaslight the Black St Maarten people, as they continue to suppress them, and keep them ignorant of the reality and facts.
5) Gaslighting is using lies, trickery, deception in order to make people believe that they are not seeing what they are seeing. My only frustration is that so many St Maarteners fall for it. They make the politician a God and their Saviour, anyone who points out the lies and corruption is the enemy, the anti Christ. And that’s how this new Pro Black, Anti colonialism Movement is now trying to portray me. I’m a traitor because I refuse to follow a larcenous, gold digging grifter in a war not for the people, but waged to avoid prison after a conviction. A war waged to avoid repaying 17 million+ that they stole from US.
6) Grisha, Marcel, Oral, Solange, Chris, Rolando did the Referendum to de-colonize St Maarten on FACEBOOK and WHATSAPP. I am in the groups and chats. They don’t know I am there, I just observe and save all chats.
7) These so called Black revolutionaries like Grisha… they all live in GATED and SEGREGATED communities like Guana Bay. I lived for 15 years in the United States, traveled to the South. I was treated better by White Southerners than any denizen of Guana Bay.
These so called Black revolutionaries live in GATED and SEGREGATED communities, to AVOID Black people. Yet, I am the only person who seems to see that.
Never believe that St Maarteners do not want to speak out, they do, but they also see what happens to those who do.
Right now, I am the only person who dares to say anything, but I am not the only person thinking and saying this. I am just the only person who dares to think it and say it out loud. Not because I am crazy or stupid, but because I feel I have no choice.

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  1. St. Maarten has corrupt politicians that have been trying to negotiate SXM’s soul. The original SXM families know this and why would they allow these egregious terms is beyond me. The people need to know that they ALWAYS have the POWER and that any government could be TERMINATED. I agree there is no one that has longstanding power, overthrow them, if decisions are not in the best interest of the citizens TERMINATE those that are not representing the best interest of the people. This is not a dictatorship but it is suppose be democratic. Power to the people.



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