👀 Another member of the No Limit Soldiers has been arrested in the Themis investigation. On Saturday, the 36-year-old S. was arrested after a short chase on the Schottegatweg-east. The woman recently flew from the Dominican Republic to Curaçao. She could therefore be stopped in her vehicle on Saturday 13 March on the Schottegatweg east after a short chase. Immediately afterwards, a search took place in the house where she was staying on Curaçao. S. is suspected of being part of an organization called the No Limit Soldiers (NLS). The Public Prosecution Service suspects that the NLS is a criminal association with members in various countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and in countries outside of it. In addition to being a member of the organization, S. is also suspected of being involved in several violent crimes, including those committed in Sint Maarten.
Themis is the investigation into criminal offenses that have been committed in the various countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and in countries outside it in recent years. A criminal investigation team was formed especially for this investigation, consisting of members of the police forces of Sint Maarten, Curaçao, Aruba and the Criminal Investigation Cooperation Team (RST). This investigation team is headed by the Public Prosecution Service Sint Maarten and the Public Prosecution Service Curaçao. Previously, in this investigation, arrests took place in November 2020, February and March 2021. Several suspects are now in custody. S. will be brought before the examining magistrate in Curaçao. Anyone who has information that can help the research team can reach the team on the following phone / Whatsapp numbers: +5999 521 3865 (Curaçao).
Those who prefer to remain anonymous can share information via the following tip lines (also Whatsapp): +5999 679 2896 (Curaçao) or +1 721 553 0561 (Sint Maarten).

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