Sarina Gito

Racism In St Maarten Part 2. Madame Wants To Come To My Home…To Assault Me. I Have Tried To Reach Her Family To No Avail

I was told to file a report with the police, why? Jail cannot punish her the way she is punishing herself. I spoke to FAMILY, they gave up on her. She needs Turning Point.

Why did she come to my page with racist nonsense? I posted a Covid vaccine chart, when I posted the latest stats and evidently she is an anti vaxxer, so she came on my page to call me a nigger for posting Covid stats. I thought it was schizophrenia, it is not.

I will keep this short and sweet, because I KNOW WHAT I KNOW, I am trying to IGNORE her. However, everyone knows she needs Treatment. If she is your friend, get her help. She will call the wrong person Nigger. Trust me. The word doesn’t bother me. The fact that she believes that she can get away with it in St Maarten does.

She is a wannabe influencer, fresh out of jail, trying to gain traction and Attention, by randomly attacking me. I know this girl from a toddler. I don’t know what happened to her in Amsterdam.

I hear KPSM have a LOT of experience with her. Handle your business KPSM police. If she gets high and show up at my house….. like she threatened to. She lucky it only me she dealing with. Other Black folks reading this are not so forgiving.

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