Grisha Marten

Disability Was Cut To $360 PER Month, Knops Cut Further Aid To SXM To Punish The Lower Class Because Of What Millionaires Theo & Grisha And Their Billionaire Friends Did!

Today they cut our disability to $360 per month. We are expected to survive on that, and we are not allowed any supplemental income. The Red Cross contacted me to cut my food card which is $160.00 per month. Mind you, we pay up to twice as much for food than you do in Europe and the United States. I believe that is politically motivated because I was the first person to criticize the petition and the people who wrote it. So I am reading the Dutch press earlier to translate to English to post and Knops is cutting any additional aid to St Maarten. Because Millionaire Grisha, millionaire Theo weren’t content with the millions they had, they stole $17 Million More. Right now Holland is trying to punish the poor, the pensioners, the disabled to spite the millionaire government and their billionaire friend. Explain to me the logic in that? Because of Holland’s stupid actions over the years they cannot and will not ever get the people on their side. If the people are not on your side, you cannot win. The Dutch government acts superior to the Antillian government, but they have yet to show any actual intelligence when it comes to the Antilles.

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