st maarten news

Photo Madame Deficit Herself, Ms Anti Colonialism/Anti Dutch, Parliamentarian Grisha Marten Proudly Displays Her Husband’s Dutch European Passport

When I say that Parliamentarian Grisha Marten is a gummy, grifting, greedy, gold digger with an empty head and even less foresight. A bytch who only skins and grins her buck teeth on election day to beg a vote or when she goes down to the casino to collect a bribe, people call me ‘bad’. Here is Madam Deficit herself, Mrs Anti-Europe, Anti Colonial ParliamentarianGrisha Marten. Skinning up her camel gums as she proudly displays her husband’s passport, that she retained WHILE HE WAS IN PRISON FOR STEALING OVER 17+ million, And many other crimes. But carry on
The Grey Revolution must continue🥱

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