Netherlands Vs Former Antilles

St Maarten Corona Support In Danger Because Gold Digging Grisha’s Kursed Kleptomaniac Husband Theo Heyliger Stole $17 MILLION, But Does NOT Want To Pay It Back!

Coronavirus Support In Danger, Following Grisha’s Bogus Letter To The United Nations..THE HAGUE – If State Secretary Knops does not receive reaffirmation of political support for the national package, the financial corona support for Sint Maarten may be stopped. This is stated today in Knops’ answer to Ronald Raak’s questions about the UN petition and the financial support to Sint Maarten. The State Secretary says that the view that Dutch support is a form of oppression, racism and colonialism is “absolutely impossible” to share. Both Raaks and Knops are concerned that the investments will not go well. “The cooperation process that the Netherlands and Sint Maarten have entered into with each other will only have a chance of success if all parties involved are prepared to give their fullest effort to achieve this,” says Knops. This also puts the national package between them at risk ”, says the State Secretary. He therefore asked Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs for an explanation and a reaffirmation of the support expressed earlier. Both its members of government and the members of parliament must show their support. Otherwise, it is possible to stop the “much needed” financial support.
The Netherlands does not have much to say about the debate around independence, Knops believes. “It follows from the nature of the matter that the initiative for this must come from Sint Maarten itself. The choice to leave the Kingdom is the most essential political decision that a Caribbean country or island can make, ”he writes. Under unwritten Kingdom law, the islands do not require the consent of the Netherlands if they choose to become fully independent.

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