How do you, Claudius Toontje Buncamper, as a Parliamentarian get convicted of tax evasion, and more. Your wife, the former Health Minister, Maria Marietje Buncamper, was also convicted of tax evasion and more… Now four days ago, on March 16th, the Dutch Supreme Court upheld her conviction, their ruling stayed. Your case was sent back to the Common Criminal Court to be retried, it was neither dismissed nor thrown out, which means that there’s a good chance you will finally be going to prison.

Now, yesterday Toontje is back in the press…The very same, SELECT press that he BRIBES for good coverage, talking about his concerns about taxes…..
Because St Maarten people are too stupid to see that most of Claudius Toontje Buncamper, PAID editorials are to cover up and distract from negative press associated with his criminal activity
I translated the court documents a few hours after they were published on March 16th, so I knew Claudius Toontje Buncamper, the convicted felon would be in the papers soon. Toontje is not in prison because a crooked Prosecutor named Wolp is supposed to have thrown his case. Any other St Maartener who had done what they did, would have been buried under the prison. But ignorant, impoverished voters, the ones who suffer the most, worship these political crooks like they’re saviours. You would think he would have the common sense to lay low and shut his bloated, dotin carcass up, but it’s all smoke and mirrors with these unscrupulous clowns.

Only in St Maarten.
These crooks and their lawyers know that most people in St Maarten don’t speak Dutch, but of course, the government, courts etc… everything official, legit is done in Dutch.
Now, even if you speak Dutch, finding Dutch court documents is not easy because they keep names anonymous. Everyone is just ‘The Suspect’. So, even if someone were interested in The Buncamper case, unless someone like me or one of those Dutch legal sites breaks it down it can almost be impossible to find, if you don’t know how to look, or what you are looking for. The only info they give you is the year that the suspect was born. Not even the country. Not the day nor month, just the year. 1963
Then if you manage to find the case that you are looking for it’s all Dutch legalese. Just archaic Germanic mumbo jumbo. Like Chaucer English , but in Dutch. A lot of times I’m just like….Get to the damn point!!! Overly formal legal b.s. You’re stuck reading the same nonsensical line over and over. They use forty words to describe one act, and the average Dutch word can have 20 letters. The only language that I know is worse than Dutch when it comes to unnecessary letters in a word is French and Welsh.
So, I do all that, it can take hours and the Buncampers case is nothing, just a few pages. Some cases like the Magnus case. Just one hearing has 23.000 words of documents. Then everything has to be translated using a person and a processor. While I am busy translating and posting the actual court transcripts and documents, they are busy posting distractions.

Their lawyers or PR team launch preemptive strikes, to distract from their blatant criminal activities, convictions and the fact that the Court STILL believe that they are guilty.
Which other LEGIT country allows convicted felons to run for office and be appointed to government? St Maarten….ONLY IN ST MAARTEN
In St Maarten people like former MP Silvio Matser were investigated, arrested, tried, convicted even given a prison sentence, in our Kangaroo Courts. Yet, MP Silvio Matser was allowed to KEEP his parliament seat, as he filed appeal after appeal for years. AFTER he was convicted and sentenced.
KNOWING THAT HE WAS GUILTY! MP Louis Laveist went from Parliament to prison, then back to Parliament again. Politicians like Parliamentarian Rolando Brison think nothing of having lunch in public with a KNOWN Sicilian Mafioso. How is this acceptable to St Maarteners?
Nothing lasts for ever. These crooks are supremely confident that they will stay on top, no matter what… Since 2009 I have encountered a lot of these Supremely confident politicians… Most end up in jail.


Conviction of the former Minister of Health Sint Maarten remains March 16, 2021
Case against husband must be retried
The conviction of the former Minister of Health, Social Development and Labor Affairs on Sint Maarten for tax evasion and forgery is upheld. The Supreme Court has ruled that today. This does not apply to the case against her husband. That case must be heard again by the Court.

The case

The criminal offenses of which the couple is suspected are related to the setting up of a financial construction in which the income from the rental of a piece of land at Sint Maarten Building Supplies (SB) was not obtained privately by the suspects, but by the company Eco Green. that was set up for this purpose by the suspects. A front man proposed by the suspects was the owner / director of that company. Eco Green did not include the rental income in the profit tax returns, as a result of which too little profit tax was paid.

The Joint Court of Justice imposed on both suspects a fine of Naf 25,000 and a community service of 240 hours for actually directing Eco Green’s incorrect and incomplete filing of the profit tax return. They were acquitted of the other criminal offenses.

Cassation (complaints)

The defendants’ lawyer asked the Supreme Court to quash the convictions. Complaints were made about the Court’s evidence in both cases.

Judgment of the Supreme Court

In the case against the woman the cassation complaints are unsuccessful. The Supreme Court dismissed the complaints without substantive reasons because the appeal in cassation is unfounded and does not raise any legally important new questions. With this judgment, the conviction of this suspect is final. Due to the duration of the procedure, the community service imposed will be 228 hours. The fine imposed remains unchanged.

The cassation complaints are successful in the case against her husband. According to the Supreme Court, it cannot be inferred from the evidence used by the Court that he actually led Eco Green’s criminal acts. The Court has not established how and to what extent the accused was involved in Eco Green’s profit tax returns. The mere finding of the Court that the defendant and his wife had set up the financial construction with Eco Green and that they both had far-reaching involvement in the course of affairs within Eco Green is, according to the Supreme Court, not sufficient for a proven statement of the actual management. making incorrect tax returns. His case will therefore have to be heard again by the Court.

Publication onrechtspraak.nl

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