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Beware of robberies of small businesses in Saint-Martin. Police carried out a new crackdown, last week, in Saint-Martin

Beware of robberies of small businesses in Saint-Martin
The police carried out a new crackdown, last week, in Saint-Martin, by arresting a suspected robber, who was raging on both sides of the island.

However, the phenomenon is growing, the gendarmerie of Saint-Martin warns small traders.

Warning against robberies

The Saint-Martin gendarmerie notes an increase in aggravated thefts. In recent times, criminals have attacked mini markets or restaurants, guns in hand.

Thus, managers of these small businesses are strongly advised to make arrangements. It is better to avoid, for example, keeping too much cash in the cash register. They are also encouraged not to be alone during closing hours. Finally, any victim must immediately notify the gendarmerie, by dialing 17.

The early warning helps inform the many patrols present and increases the chances of arresting perpetrators.

Gendarmerie of Saint-Martin

A new challenge

The gendarmerie communicated this week on an arrest made on March 11.
On that day a ceremony was held for the victims of terrorism. On this occasion, the territorial police regulated traffic and found themselves, shortly after 9:00 am, in front of a vehicle whose driver refused to stop at their orders.
An attitude which earned this motorist to be reported to the gendarmerie patrols. The latter quickly intercepted him.
Two men were on board. They were confused by their vehicle, whose characteristics corresponded to a car reported the night before by the KPSM (Korps Politie Sint Maarten); car involved in an armed robbery, in the Dutch part of the island. The handgun (a replica of a lethal weapon, but with balls) was also discovered in the vehicle.

The investigation, carried out by the Marigot brigade and by the detachment of the Saint-Martin research section, allowed one of the people arrested to be confused and implicated in 4 acts of aggravated theft, with a weapon, committed in prejudice of mini markets, between the end of February 2021 and March 10, 2021, partly in France.

Gendarmerie of Saint-Martin

Another fact, committed on March 10, 2021, has also been blamed on the respondent who has since been placed in pre-trial detention in Guadeloupe.

This interpellation follows on from others, which date back to previous weeks, for similar facts.

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