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Dutch National, Arrested in Thailand for Mega Fraud worked in Dutch St Maarten in 2018.

Dutch National, Arrested in Thailand for mega fraud worked in Dutch St Maarten in 2018. It appears from his online accounts, that some of the fraudulant activity was going on here. A Madam Estate address, and still working phone number.

A fundraising campaign has started on GoFundMe for a Dutch person who is in prison in Thailand on suspicion of a mega-fraud. According to the police, Wesley Halbach (37) had 10,000 Thai money invested under false pretenses in a pyramid scheme with which he earned about 2.7 million euros. Wesley’s Finnish wife says her husband has been framed.

Wesley is charged with acts he did not do. He’s the victim of a big set-up, was very naive and trusted the wrong people and now we’re living in a nightmare, ” Sanna Kilpinen begins explaining the fundraiser she launched two days ago. The target amount is 9,000 euros, of which more than 1,100 euros have now been received. According to the Finnish, the money is intended for the bail and attorney’s fees.

The woman says she has known Wesley for over 5 years and calls him ‘one of the nicest people I know’. Her husband is in custody awaiting trial against him. ‘Anyone who has ever been in a Thai prison knows how difficult life can be. There is constant overcrowding, disease, lack of clean food and water, tremendous heat, lack of access to people outside of prison, occasional violence and death, and other challenges. Wesley is a family man and supporting him would mean a lot to his family and friends. We have already used all of our savings to help him fight for his justice. Please help us by donating and give back my dear daughter her father ‘.

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Halbach was arrested with his wife and daughter at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok in mid-February. According to the police, they were about to fly to the Netherlands on a KLM flight. The arrest of the 37-year-old foreigner stemmed from a court order issued in Phuket for questioning on allegations of fraud. The Dutchman allegedly led an online shopping center scam using the communications app LINE and a series of Internet domains registered in China trading under the name SPM Shopping Mall, news site Thai Examiner reported at the time.

According to the police, it was a classic pyramid scheme in which participants invested up to 200,000 Baht (about 5,453 euros). After paying, they were encouraged to click on a range of internet domains to improve their SEA ranking in the search engines. In exchange, they would receive 65 baht (about 13 euros). The more they invested, the higher they would climb the ladder and even become team coordinators or administrators with even more lucrative returns. The money earned from the fraud was diverted to 44 accounts at four banks in tax havens, the cybercrime team found.

Halbach writes on his LinkedIn account that he has been in Thailand since August 2018. The thirties started as a senior operations manager at Easy Living Phuket Co Ltd. and has been sales manager at Progressive property Phuket since June 2019. Before settling in Thailand, the Dutchman worked on Sint-Maarten for three months as marketing staff at Topweeks. In 2017 he worked in that position for six months. In between, the salesman, who was following an MBO course at the Da Vinci College in Dordrecht and / or Gorinchem, was sales representative at Brugman Keukens in Zaandam. Before that Halbach worked in Rhodes, Gran Canaria and Bulgaria.

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