VIDEO: Do You Recognize This Man Caught On Video Killing His Dog In Curacao? OUR LAWS HAVE TO CHANGE

PLEASE SHARE IF YOU CARE ABOUT ANIMALS. I have not watched video, and I NEVER will. Being born and raised in St Maarten, I have seen more animal brutality, torture and killings than most. I was not going to post, but visitors, tourists, THE WORLD needs to know that this behaviour is ACCEPTABLE in the Caribbean. You need to share this. Also click back, I will post the contact info of Animal Defenders Like myself. I will also post the contact info of the people in St Maarten who actually have the Power to do something, but they don’t.



This is also Curacao. That island within the kingdom of the Netherlands. We received these images from an animal executioner who murdered his dog here on video. The poor animal is running after the bastard. He ties his legs and throws him into the sea on the East side of Curacao.
We have filed a report, and we want to know who recorded this A on video and B who the murderer of this dog is.

The Animal Aid Foundation is committed to the rights of animals and we hope that the perpetrator will be caught and will not escape punishment. Curacao still has a lot to improve when it comes to animals and their welfare.

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