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Jean-Claude Van Damme, Angers Fans By Posing With A Fan At Roxxy St Maarten, Wearing No mask on the terrace

Jean-Claude Van Damme, Angers Fans By Posing With A Fan At Roxxy St Maarten, Wearing No mask on the terrace. The 60-year-old actor feels safe in the company of his friend
The world is in turmoil, and some people are looking forward to the holidays! Jean Claude van Damme, 60, posted a photo in which he appears without a mask on the terrace of “The Roxxy” restaurant on the island of St. Maarten, from the Caribbean. The image angered his fans, who accused him of believing himself to be the “Universal Soldier” in the greatest crisis of mankind in recent history.

The 60-year-old actor known for his roles in “Bloody Sports” (1988), “Universal Soldier” (1999) or “Lionheart” (1990) posted a photo with chef Davide Castro while having dinner without being stressed. of the pandemic. In St. In Maarten, 2,118 diseases have been reported since the beginning of the pandemic, but at the beginning of January the restrictions were relaxed. There are currently 27 active cases, two people are hospitalized and the death toll has remained at three for 27 months. In Maarten, 23,608 tests were performed, of which 2,614 at the airport. Yesterday, only 30 tourists were in quarantine after arriving here to spend their holidays. Jean-Claude has a fortune of 40 million dollars and spent the beginning of 2021 on vacation with his mother. He returned to the United States for a short time and returned to the Caribbean a week ago at the invitation of his friend Castro. Worldwide, the pandemic has infected more than 126 million people and killed 2.8 million.

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