On January 11, Sarah E l Haïry, Secretary of State to Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports, in charge of Youth and Engagement, officially launched the campaign 2021 recruitment campaign for volunteers for the National Universal Service (SNU).

It is open to all young French aged 15 to 17 who wish to volunteer s to invest in a company commitment, built around national cohesion. The site dedicated to applications is open to all young people (girls and boys), high school students, apprentices, young workers and young people who have left the school system, who wish to live this experience of cohesion from June 2021. The selection ensure that the diversity of situations of young people in an age group is represented.

The SNU is an opportunity for collective life to create new links, learn community life, develop a culture of commitment and thus assert your place in society. It must include a cohesion stay and a mission of general interest (MIG).

Each young person can then continue their commitment within existing systems if they wish (young firefighters, cadets of the Gendarmerie, Civic Service, volunteering, etc.). The cohesion stay will take place from June 21 to July 2, 2021 , in Metropolitan France and overseas. It will concern 25,000 young people . The objective of this 2021 session is to make it possible for the first time to organize a cohesion stay in each department .

The health protocols in force , in particular applied for the collective reception of minors, will be put in place in the SNU centers. Given the health context, mobility will be primarily regional. All the costs inherent in the implementation of the SNU are borne by the State: transport, food, activities, clothing, etc.

As part of the SNU, these 25,000 young people will experience a moment of cohesion in boarding school, weekends included, outside their department of residence. Then, in the following year, they will carry out their mission of general interest (MIG) lasting 12 days with associations, local authorities, institutions or public bodies, or with bodies in uniform.

An SNU center accommodates around 200 volunteers and around 30 managers and tutors. The planned supervision rate is high: one supervisor for 7 young people. They are permanently present in the reception center and as such ensure the safety of young people.

These supervisors will come from corps in uniform, popular education and National Education in particular.

The management of the center is ensured by a team made up of three experienced executives: a head of center who embodies the authority of the State and gives meaning to the entire cohesion stay, an educational assistant, in charge of activities and a supervisory assistant, responsible for the management and coordination of executives.

The activities start from the experience of the volunteers and are largely open to simulation. While they can take various forms, they are systematically – to the exclusion of individual health and skills checks – collective and participatory: physical activities, site visits, testimonials from other young people involved, discussions with witnesses and experts. , etc.

The activities are built on the principles of active pedagogy and non-formal education, inspired by popular education organizations and scouting. Regarding the other activities, a national framework will ensure the consistency of the content on all the sites while allowing territorialized approaches in each department thanks to the involvement of local actors.

At the end of his mission of general interest, if he wishes, each volunteer is invited to commit to participate in the building of a more fraternal and united Nation, by joining the forms of volunteering and volunteering. existing ones, such as the Civic Service or the Civic Reserve.

This commitment may concern defense and security, support for vulnerable people, preservation of heritage, the environment, etc. “ The SNU is a meeting time for all the French youths, in order to build a society of commitment, built around national cohesion. It is a project which aims to make the youth share the principles, values ​​and ideal of the Republic. This year, 25,000 young people will be everywhere in France for the first time, in all departments , ”said Sarah El Haïry, Secretary of State to the Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports, in charge of Youth and Engagement.

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