Netherlands Vs Former Antilles

Breaking! Sylvana Simons BIJ1 Is Furious That Sint Maarten Will Not Receive Corona Money From The Netherlands: ‘Colonial reaction!’

March 27, 2021 It is unprecedented, but Sylvana Simons of BIJ1 accuses the Netherlands of literally still behaving like a colonial power. Because the Netherlands does not intend to transfer “corona money” to Sint Maarten for the time being. And that is not possible.

Sint Maarten will not receive corona money from the Netherlands for the time being. Mind you, this is called “corona money”, but we always see that countries that receive “corona support” spend it on completely different things. “Corona” is first and foremost an excuse for many countries to quickly collect some free money. You can’t even blame them for that. Because if you see your chance, well, why not? The real culprits are the countries that fall for it. With open eyes too.

Anyway, Sint Maarten will not receive corona support from the Netherlands for the time being. The reason? According to the Parool , this is because Sint Maarten has complained to the United Nations about “alleged racism in the Netherlands.” Well, better put: the Netherlands says that Sint Maarten must meet certain conditions if it wants to receive support. According to Sint Maarten, those conditions amount to a return of “colonial rule.”

Totally insane, of course. But Saint Martin has a very happy ally in Sylvana Simons. Because, the leader of BIJ1 writes, the island is right! The behavior of the Netherlands is “a colonial response to a complaint about colonial behavior. Not coincidentally also in the midst of the social debate on the island about decolonization, ”she adds for the record.

It’s unbelievable. This woman really chooses continuously, invariably, in every situation, on the side of people who insult the Netherlands to the bone. Anyone has to say something about “racism” and “colonialism,” and look! There is Mrs. Simons, Dutch hater par excellence, who is just a little more on top.

Sylvana Simons woest dat Sint-Maarten geen coronageld krijgt van Nederland: ‘Koloniale reactie!’

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