Chanel Brownbill

These Dutch Government Funded Ditch Pigs Say That They Are Trying To Get Attention. MP Rolando Brison Has Embezzled Every Company He Worked For, Destroyed The USP & UPP, Now He Wants To Be Your Independence Leader

…bloated, overripe, sack of …sh..

1) The above Government ditch pig is Renate Brison. He is the brother of MP and alleged snow-monkey, Petitioner and UPP Party leader, Rolando Brison.

Convicted Chanel Brownbill, convicted Cor Merx, convicted Theo Heyliger, Convicted Silvio Matser… Soon to be convicted Maurice Lake etc

2) I call them ditch pigs, because one can tell by their bloated physiques, that they’re well fed Government hogs. DUTCH Government funding money, y’all ….Out of the mouths of St Maarten’s most impoverished, they STEAL BREAD.

Out of the mouths of St Maarten’s neediest… that’s who these pigs STEAL from.

That’s not just coke bloat, it’s FAT! Then they get on TV and radio talking about “We just want to get Holland’s Attention “🤷🏿‍♀️…Just looking for attention, as Holland cuts assistance to the most needy in Sint Maarten, based on the lies and greed of these demonic politicians, who cannot STEAL enough, even when under investigation. Which means Knops and Holland are DOTIN TOO! Falling for every trick the St Maarten Government Jackals throw at them.

3) Renate Brison, the brother of Embezzling Parliamentarian Rolando Brison, has made it clear that the Pro Soualiga Movement is just a game, a play for attention like some two year old brat.

4) The difference is that Rolanda and Renata’s play for attention, AFTER a category five hurricane, AFTER a pandemic…AFTER St Maarten defaulted on their fls 50 million plus loan in December, AFTER Moody’s and every other International funding organization DOWNGRADED St Maarten and PJIA because of its shit government and even shittier credit.

5) I would like to ask MP Rolando Brison and his brother Renate how they intend to assist St Maarteners during the next disaster? Is Rolando going to use the money from all of those companies that he embezzled from? He hasn’t paid any restitution, so did he blow it all, or share some with Andrew Dick? Was he down at Maho begging Affirmed Sicilian Mob Boss, Francesco Corallo for money for us?

5a) I might be visually impaired, because I need new glasses, but I’m the ONLY one who seems to notice a pattern with Mafia Boss Francesco Corallo and ALL of the political cohorts that he purchases from Parliament… Francesco Corallo HIMSELF: Arrested/Prison, Schotte: Arrested/Prison, Theo: Arrested/Prison, Silvio: Arrested/Prison, Chanel: Arrested/Sentenced, Frans, Arrested/ Awaiting Trial…. etc etc etc

Do you see a pattern, or is it just me? Your independence Petition leaders, Rolando and Grisha believes that it’s okay to beg the Mafia for money. Rolando believes St Maarten can become independent from Holland, by becoming more dependent on the Siciliano and Turkish Mafia, even the Asians trying to get a piece of little St Maarten, what will be left for US indigenous St Maarteners? Rolando Brison is going to jail. Desperate people do stupid things which imperil and endanger the innocent. If Knops and staff, and the RMR don’t know how to do a basic online search, send them this link.


6a) Then Rolando Brison, Claudius Buncamper, Christopher Emmanuel etc are using their STOLEN funds to BUY positive coverage at SMN News and OTHER fake newsites. GOVERNMENT PAYS THEM NOT TO DIG TOO DEEP… BURY the TRUTH. Bibi Hodge Shaw of SMN needs to get back to what she knows best… working on her back. But NOT IN OUR COUNTRY, BIBI..

6) I blocked Rhoda Arrindell and the gangs’ bullshit Petition postings on Facebook. I run over 100 groups, over 100 pages. Not today, Satan….Tomorrow isn’t looking good Either.

Rhoda, Grisha, Rolando and Co. Want to hold their referendums on WhatsApp, my Facebook groups, Radio and TV. ONLY FRIENDLY PROGRAMS Ask yourself why these so called independence leaders have not held ONE meeting in ANY district to discuss any Petition?

7) They know how to find the districts to campaign and beg for votes everytime the government falls. They can get police escorts through the district to spend tens of thousands for elaborate ribbon cutting ceremonies, but they DARE not show up in the neighborhoods with their independence Petition bullshit. The days that they could keep St Maarteners in the dark is over, they will only manage to fool and brainwash the most naive, gullible and stupid.

8) What has Rolando Brison done other than kill two once popular political parties in two years? He is a genius in that he has managed to do what Holland has been unable to do for years… He led the USP right into the shitter. Now, he has the UPP circling the drain. They are dead in the water. Now he wants to lead US into independence? Ask Grisha, Rhoda and Theo if they will dip into the $17 MILLION + that they embezzled and stole from the St Maarten people to assist during hurricanes. Theo, Rolando are not stealing from the wealthy, European elites. That’s what they have their idiot followers believing. All the millions of dollars STOLEN, 12.000 followers on Facebook…. neither USP nor UPP can buy a ‘like’, on social media, when they post they get lambasted. I run the largest sites in St Maarten, biggest social media pages, they are NOT allowed to post in my sites. I can show my stats and Numbers, ask SMN and Bibi for their stats. There is no competition… readers, followers. I can bring in over 1 MILLION views overnight, on a REGULAR basis. I run hundreds of sites, groups and pages… These jokers are only fooling the slowest in St Maarten


10) Like Fish said…Theo and the gang should have stuck with the Haitian Obeah, like Sarah… Theo imported all the way from Mamma Africa, some Nigerian, Juju Prince, Witch Doctor to be his ADVISOR! How did that work out, Theo? Joe Richardson WARNED Theo! Now Theo got criminal charges, jail sentences and restitution piling up. The African Obeah man that he was giving tens of millions in contracts to. He said the money was for all those million dollar Pelican statues at the Airport and the other statues around St Maarten. But the the St Maarten people with intelligence know, those contracts were payments for Obeah…. How did that work out? Theo’s big shot African Juju Advisor is now working security at Diamond Casino, Front Street!

11) Theo spent millions on an Obeah man who now works security, and they are ALL going to jail. And there are people following them ….. Straight to Point Blanche Prison.

Theo, Grisha and Rolando should also be charged with ‘Gross Stupidity’.

12) Rather than following Joe For So’s advice, Theo Invested millions of STOLEN funding in an African Security Guard who claimed to have ‘Magical’ powers. I know Theo witch doctor, I have his photo. I might post it again, it seems all his Juju backfires. Now… MP Rolando Brison, is on camera with Francesco Corallo in December, Grisha using her husband Theo’s Arrest to get leverage on the Casino bosses, and to get a piece of land… while her husband has just been arrested by Federal Detectives.

13) If stupidity was a crime in St Maarten, the entire Pro Soualiga group would be put in front of a firing squad, and shot. If stupidity was a crime, every St Maarten government official would be a convicted felon, buried under the Point Blanch prison.

14) These bloated government pigs DARE not come into the districts. So they go to friendly radio programs, tv and websites. Friends and favors the old Quid Pro Quo.

15) Rolando was a genius when it came to destroying the UPP and USP more than Knops or Holland ever could.

16) Follow the pattern of narcissistic, con artist and grifter, Rolando Brison..

a) He graduates… but former classmates say, it is because he cheated, he stole but never earned a grade.

b) He charms his way into managerial positions, then robbed and embezzled EVERY last one of them blind

c) He enters politics and joins a party being investigated and arrested. When his leader, Frans Richardson is arrested, he uses that to become Party leader.

d) He then screwed over Frans and the party, after he got a better offer from Theo to lead the UPP…. WORST DECISION BY THEO EVER…. and Theo makes a lot of bad decisions…Grisha, his wife, is an example of his poor decision making skills.

e) Once Theo realized his MISTAKE in making Rolando his replacement as UPP leader, it was too late. And UPP supporters hate Rolando. So, Theo added his wife to the slate to balance things out…

f) Next thing you know, Theo is getting wasted drunk at bars complaining that his wife is not listening to him, just following Rolando…. long before the Petition was signed, there was a civil war in the UPP, and Theo had to learn the hard way, who Rolando really was, and that he and Grisha were now the boss.

g) Theo basically gave Grisha and Rolando all the Power, now he is a toothless tiger, he can give his opinion, but he has no say. Theo’s uncle said that Theo begged Grisha NOT to go through with the Petition, but she only listens to Rolando.

h) Goldenboy Theo is JUST Finding out that Gold Diggers follow the money, not advice.

g) They are paying Guyanese Trap Rat Bibi Ho Shaw to bury the negative press. They are paying SMN for positive publicity. SMN NEWS IS A BRITISH GUYANESE TRAP RAT WHO LIVES IN FRENCH ST MARTIN, CANNOT AND DOES NOT SPEAK DUTCH OR FRENCH. CANNOT SPEAK, WRITE OR SPELL BASIC ENGLISH. At the bottom of each of this ‘journalist’s page, is a disclaimer that she cannot spell or write and there are many typos. Bibi Hodge Shaw, is British Guyanese, but neither speaks not writes the language properly… Yet Knops and RMR and the Netherlands take these people seriously.

h) There’s no Google in Holland? Knops and the Council don’t know how to do a quick Google search to find out if someone is full of shit? The Netherlands and their journalists need to try following Pro Soualiga online to see howmany supporters their actually are. 168 LIKES on their Facebook page. Foreigners, bots and fake account, a few hookers from the clubs, the only people that like their page. I have to go town. I will finish when I come back


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