Dutch Sint Maarten Parliament

UPDATED: Video SXM Parliament MP Claudius Buncamper Losing His Mind, Airport CFO & CEO Refused To Show. Buncamper Dared Them To Slap Him Like They Threatened. FULL VIDEO

Video Latest from Dutch SXM Parliament. According to MP Claudius Buncamper, the Airport Board, who Parliament was supposed to meet today, stood them up. The CEO and CFO sent a letter to Finance Minister Ardwell Irion, on March 30th, according to a furious Toontje. They won’t come because Parliament asks too many (stupid, redundant) questions, and because Parliament uses the meetings just to get confidential information to make them look bad, PJIA and their board look bad. He wants them to stop whining like little girls. Toontje also told them to come and and try to slap him, to see what would happen. He said it is not personal, it is ‘facts’. MP Rolando Brison interrupts him, so that he can show some dignity while addressing Parliament. MP Buncamper, whose criminal conviction was just sent back to the Common Court, and wife has just been Sentenced to six months, no more appeals, apoligized, saying he did not like games. Toontje rages on saying that the Airport CEO invited them to come down to take a tour of the Airport, because the Airport Board was not showing up for the set up at Parliament today…. Not today Satan🤷🏿‍♀️ Blatant disrespect, claims Buncamper. They are hiding behind the fact that of the Prime Minister is not present, meaning…(technically, they don’t have to show up to Parliament if the Prime Minister is not present.) Buncamper continue his verbal rampage by threatening that “There are more than one way to skin a cat!”

MP Toontje who is going back to PM isn’t there

Py20-21 Central Committee Meeting #14 Cont.: 1. Update on the reconstruction project at the airport terminal and the operational projections for 2021

  1. Structural composition of the company’s hierarchy and the reasons for the various supervisory boards, and the protection of assets of the country by removing the assets presently at PJIAE and place them correctly at PJIAH (IS/230/2020-2021 dated December 7, 2020)
    This meeting was requested by MP C.A. Buncamper, MP G.S. Heyliger-Marten, MP R. Brison, MP A.E. Arrindell, MP C.T. Emmanuel

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