sarah wescot wiliams

Video MP Wescot-Williams Shades PM Jacobs & Questions Reason For Absense, Lambasts MPs Brison & Marten, Tells Them To Withdraw Petition

The video 38 minutes long, here is link to video FULL PRESS BRIEFING TODAY APRIL 1ST 2021:

“Pull Back The Petition In A Nice And Polite Way” Video MP and DP Leader, Sarah Wescot-Williams feels something is very wrong at Gebe. She feels there is something wrong with the CEO, but seems to blame Prime Minister Jacobs for the confusion at the PJIA Airport. MP Wescot-Williams also places the blame of confusion about liquidity support, Because Silveria seems unable to be straight forward with anyone. MP Wescot-Williams blames MP Rolando Brison, Grisha Marten etc on the petition. She feels that they need to politely pull back the liquidity. FULL PRESS BRIEFING TODAY APRIL 1ST 2021

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