Rolando Brison

Before Andrew Dick Was In Jail & On The Streets, He Was Waiting Outside My Home. An Hour Before His Arrest, He Called Me. WHY?


1) The only person in St Maarten who might have embezzled more money than Andrew Dick, is his buddy, MP Rolando Brison. The person he was with, before his rampage, arrest and walking the streets.
2) You cannot continue to reward a person when they should be disciplined or punished.
3) Someone who is always allowed to get away with anything, will always be trying to outdo themselves.
4) I did not rejoice at anyone’s downfall, I treated Andrew Dick with more respect than he had ever given me.
5) How many times, how many companies did Dick embezzle, only to be rewarded with a better paying job, only to embezzle again?
6) How many parents complained to the police of Andrew Dick’s entanglements with underage girls? His punishment was getting money and sponsorship to host ‘Slumber Party Sleepovers’ with underaged girls, and nobody questioned that.
7) I did a story some years ago, Andrew Dick fired for embezzling from a company. Next day, he is out of jail and then HIRED by the Daily Herald. Then I’m reading Andrew Dick embezzled the Daily Herald. His punishment? MORE sponsorship.
8) Who was paid to take my photo in handcuffs? Trying to catch me down with my head down, but I flashed a ‘V’ sign and a grin? The same man you saw wandering the streets.
9) The day before he was wandering the streets, he was wandering around outside my house. I realized that he was down and out, despite all of what Andrew did and has done, I offered to help.
10) Not knowing that Andrew had been SENT to my house, to ‘accidentally ‘ bump into me. By who? Rolando Brison, but this is not the first time Rolando has sent someone to me.
11) I didn’t recognize him, but I also didn’t judge him, pandemic and lock downs can destroy the mind. He was fidgeting and nervous just like the last guy Rolando sent. He told me he didn’t have a phone, so I inboxed him the next morning about an hour before his arrest. Andrew Dick then called me by phone but he was speaking with meth mouth, so he wasn’t making any sense. Then a few hours later I got the message that he had been arrested with a baseball bat, after destroying his girlfriend physically and her house. A few hours before I had been inviting Andrew Dick to just come by so that he wouldn’t waste his credit.
12) Then the police only made a statement AFTER Gromyko went crazy on LIVE. KPSM PROTECTS ANDREW DICK, NO MATTER WHAT THE CRIME.
13) Then I was inboxed and told that Rolando made the same mistake with Andrew that he made with the last guy he sent.
14) They said Rolando Brison advanced Andrew Dick money as a down payment to do some dirt work, and just like the last guy, he blew his money in the trap house before he could complete the mission.
15) Andrew told me he was down and out, walking, could not afford bus fare nor phone.
16) Then he called me on a phone, frantic. Then after Gromyko post people started commenting that he couldn’t buy a phone, but he could buy dust at the trap house.
17) So that’s where my sympathy permanently ended. It’s tragic if he has underlying mental issues, but to show up at my home at the behest of a politician, SENT by a politician to shut me up. You are down and out, but not low enough. You took money to do wrong, and that is what you spent the money on.
18) Then because he was incredibly violent they probably injected him with powerful antipsychotics. A side effect is the urge to walk or move around. Often times you see people walking and walking, and people say they don’t take their medication. But, they are taking their meds, the walking is a side effect.
19) I treated Andrew in my coverage a lot better than he treated me, I even tried to help
20) Then I found out that he had been sent by MP Rolando Brison to loiter outside my house, JUST like the other one, so I know he was up to no good. What is done in darkness, Rolando…

MP Rolando Brison in photo with Siciliano Mafia Corallo, Andrew Dick’s pal
Rolando Brison Sent Andrew Dick, Last Year He Sent Earl Levons Sr.
Rolando Brison your people are saying Andrew Dick was with you before his breakdown.

…..and, YES EVERYTHING verified, documented with WITNESSES. I recorded Rolando campaign manager. From St Peters to WIB, Philipsburg. Then I walked to The Government Admin Building, with him persisting and pestering me. Rolando wanted to know what I wanted…

That’s how they approach you to shut you up. What do I want? I want Rolando, Grisha and the gang GONE! sentenced for their crime, buried under the Point Blanche prison for all the lives their greed destroyed.

An ordinary THIEF steals items, maybe products. Embezzlers like Rolando Brison and Andrew Dick STEAL JOBS, CAREERS. When employees embezzle, the first cost cutting they do is by cutting staff.

In St Maarten, they look down on you for living simple. If you are wearing worn clothing, and if you steal a shirt, you go to jail. But if you are Andrew and Rolando, then you make sure you wear a three piece suit to rob $$$100.000’s You get a VIP Pass, rewards and sponsors.


Rolando gave you money, to come after me….before you could stop by, you got high. So high, you got caught up………..

Now you want MY Sympathy. I save my sympathy for the poor, the starving, the neglected and abused. Andrew Dick rubs shoulders with the big shots, who laughed at his demise and would NEVER lower themaelves, to pick him up off the road. I don’t rejoice and glorify in anyone’s down fall, but Psalms told Andrew… “The pits and traps you set for others, you will fall into yourself. Stop taking money to harm the only people who even tried to help you. Stop setting traps or pits, then you wouldn’t fall in them.

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