Netherlands Vs Former Antilles

St Maarten Will Run Out Of Money By May 2021, Said MP Wescot-Williams Today…May is LESS Than A Month Away!

Why would I negotiate with you when I’m holding all of the money, and you are BEGGING me for money?

I hope that Civil Servants saved up, because there will be NO money to pay them in a few weeks.

St Maarten will be completely out of money by May, according to MP and UDP leader Sarah Wescot-Williams. With less than a month to go, PM Silveria Jacobs, once again has bailed on St Maarten. I posted Finance Minister Ardwell Irion saying yesterday that liquidity was basically a done deal, but in Knops’ letter this morning he said Silly would not sign the implementation without a liquidity guarantee. Knops will give NO money until Silveria clarifies her and Parliament’s stance on the Brison-Marten petition. Silveria bounced to the USA … AGAIN…to get away from the heat. Too many questions and meetings. FAMILY emergency my ass. Her last FAMILY emergency was her bowling and breakfasting with her man, I posted the photos, remember? Now, she’s gotten too bloated and Lazy to even come up with a fresh excuse. I have not seen any other media posting anything today about the debacle in Parliament today nor Knops letter saying that he has only signed an agreement with Aruba, Curacao just elected a new government, so they still have to develop a relationship with the MFK, so no agreement can be signed with Curacao… YET, However, when it came to Sint Maarten, they are STILL trying to negotiate, with less than a month away, without a leg to stand on. Other than Chris and Toontje’s usual self serving, verbal diarrhea, and Sarah and Melissa…. everyone is SILENT.

So May is like a month away


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