Silveria Jacobs

What Does ‘Emergency ‘Have To Do With Signing Off On Liquidity? Did Silveria Find Out Over Night? Aruba Gets Liquidity Support

If I were given a homework project in January, February, or March… and told that the Project is due April 1st. And then, the day before my project is due, I call my professor and let him know, my family is having surgery, I cannot hand in my project.

I believe the professor would ask me why I had not handed in my work earlier, knowing the importance of the project. He would probably say “So many elected me as leader of the project and depended on me to be responsible, courteous and professional enough, to make sure everything is handed in, if not in advance, still on time.

The professor would probably say something like, “That’s a weak excuse, one that you’ve used before, so… nope, I’m not buying it. Everything is digital, and done online, so how does travel hinder your ability to sign a document online?”


For months Silveria has known she had to sign off on another tranche of liquidity… So my question once again, is what does ‘family emergency’, have to do with something that was requested almost a month ago, if not MONTHS ago?

These politicians play St Maarteners, because too many of them either follow through blind loyalty, or are just plain stupid. The stupid are the majority, unfortunately.

The Aruba government just fell, still Evelyn has got her shit together more than Silveria. Evelyn had the courage to dissolve Parliament. When asked about anything of relevance Silveria flip flops, lies then bails to the USA… last time when she claimed family was ill, she was updating her cruise in what she thought were private postings to social media. So the people do have a right to question Silveria’s lying ass, she has cried wolf before. She knows stupid St Maarteners will buy it. Your DOTIN ass can buy it but do NOT bring it to me. And it is the slowest who buy their lies and try to argue with you. Aruba’s Government is down, Still their shit is more together than SXM.

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