Corona Virus In St Maarten Skyrocketing. Here Are The Latest Numbers From Aruba, St Maarten, Curacao, Bonaire

FULL VIDEO: Press Conference Curacao COVID-19,Coronavirus Crisis – April 3 2021 Konferensha di prensa | 3 aprel 2021 Tópiko: Resumen polisial i medidanan polisial ekstra pa e próksimo dos simannan

The first police officer discussed the rules concerning Covid19, and letting citizens know to maintain social distance at home, the same as if you were outside. Keep from gathering in groups,avoid crowds, and to call your house doctor if your feeling sick ect.
The second police officer discussed the various anti lockdown groups in Curacao. There a certain groups in Curacao that are against the new COVID-19,Coronavirus restrictions and rules.
They are ignoring the rules, and are still keeping private parties. They are also having the usual motorsport and motorbike burn outs on the streets with their rides in groups of people.
He CONTINUED by stating that those caught in any of the banned activity, such as street racing in groups and holding private parties will face harsh penalties.
Those participating in street burn outs who are caught will have their cars or motorbikes confiscated.
He also mentioned drivers violating Curacao’s number plates rules.
Each letter of the Curacao number plates have a specific day to be on the road.
The Curacao police believe that some drivers have the same car on the road everyday, but with different plates. There are also, the said, cars on the road with plates that are not allowed to be on the road that day, but they still taking chances
He also mentioned that drivers with a pass or letter to be on the Road should always have it on their person or in their possesion. If a person has a pass, they must always walk with it, have it in sight. Don’t start looking for it after being pulled over by the police.
Anyone who violates the number plate arrangement will also have their vehicles confiscated, and all of those vehicles will be put in a special location and fines will have to be paid before the motorists can get their vehicles back.

The final speaker discussed the vaccine and to get vaccinated.
He is giving all of the info about how to stay safe now during the peak of the Corona virus on Curacao.
He explains where and how to register online to get vaccinated.
He also begged the public to please all go get at least the first shot of the vaccine so we can help reduce the amount of Corona virus effections and deaths.
So, basically he’s saying that everyone has to take the vaccine and register to go take the second dose as you recieve the first dose

From correspondent in the ABC Islands

FOUR MORE DEAD INTENSIVE CARE UNIT: The corona situation in Curaçao remains serious. Today four patients died in the Intensive Care Unit. The total number of people who succumbed to Corona in Curaçao is 42. There are still 36 patients in the ICU.

In the CMC ward there are 103 Covid patients .

The test ratio in Curaçao remains high. Just over one in four people tested today is positive, a test ratio of 26.3 percent. It concerns 337 positive people out of a total of 1281 corona tests.

Sint Maarten no longer allows travelers from ABC islands ANP.

[ÚLTIMO INFORMASHON]: Último desaroyonan relashoná ku Covid-19. Kuida bo mes i esnan rònt di bo, pa e promesa di un futuro briante bira nos realidat.

bibando #gobiernudikorsou #covid19

From Monday, April 5, Sint Maarten will no longer admit residents from Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire due to the increasing number of corona infections on those islands. Residents from Sint Maarten, Saint Martin, Sint Eustatius and Saba are still allowed to land at Philipsburg airport. They must be able to provide a negative result of a PCR test.

Of the three ABC islands, the increase in Curaçao is particularly worrying, the hospital is full. In Aruba, only necessary operations are performed to save space when Curaçao has to send out corona patients. On the other hand, there have been few infections on Sint Maarten for a long time.

However, an infection of the British corona variant was found on the French part of the island, Saint Martin, last week. The government is calling on the population to register for vaccination.

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