Corona Virus In St Maarten Skyrocketing. Here Are The Latest Numbers From Aruba, St Maarten, Curacao, Bonaire

Latest From Curacao: 20 Dutch nurses and doctors head to Curaçao this Easter Weekend to help in the fight Against COVID-19, Coronavirus Crisis & to support the hospitals there.

Latest From Curacao: Dutch nurses and doctors head to Curaçao to help in the fight Twenty Dutch nurses and doctors are leaving for Curaçao this Easter weekend to support the hospitals there. They will also help the local GGD with faster vaccinations against the corona virus.

Curaçao is struggling with relatively the largest number of infections in the world. The Netherlands has therefore decided to help the island. In addition to sending extra manpower, the Netherlands also sends medical equipment, such as respirators.

30,000 vaccines

Yesterday, 30,000 vaccines from the Netherlands already arrived in Curaçao and Aruba. This weekend, sixteen nurses and four doctors will fly to Curaçao. Two of the doctors will help with the vaccination, the Ministry of Health reports .

In the coming days, another seven doctors and two nurses will go to the island to help in the fight against corona. The daily number of infections is very high. Many people who contract the corona virus also end up in hospital.

“It is quite something to take the plunge so quickly to pause your life in the Netherlands and help people in Curaçao in difficult circumstances,” says State Secretary Paul Blokhuis. He commends the staff who are willing to do this intensive work. “It feels like an act of charity to me that so many nurses and doctors are doing that during these Easter days.”

In the near future, doctors and nurses will also be arriving from the United States, including IC nurses. A total of fifteen IC nurses and doctors will come to Curaçao. In the meantime, recruitment will continue in the Netherlands, but also in the US.

Leave island
Earlier this week, the representation of the Netherlands in Aruba, Curaçao and St. Maarten called on holidaymakers, student trainees to leave Curaçao as soon as possible because of the serious corona situation. Travel organizations also decided to cancel all trips to the island until May 15 .

Nederlandse verpleegkundigen en artsen naar Curaçao om te helpen in strijd tegen corona

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