Netherlands Vs Former Antilles

Knops 2: The Netherlands Has No Intentions Of Taking Over The $72 Million Grant Loan St Maarten Has With The World Bank

As far as we are concerned, it is not an option now to take that part of reconstruction away from the World Bank, because there is also an entire organisation set up for it. The funny thing is, the run-up was complicated. This had to do with all kinds of arrangements that had to be concluded, for example an establishment agreement that the government of Sint Maarten had to conclude, so that the World Bank can legally work well on Sint Maarten.

That’s taken way too long. Covid got over it, so people weren’t allowed to fly in and out. That made it complicated, too. But now those projects are finally gaining steam. It would not make sense to remove it from the World Bank now. The measures taken under the Consensus RichNess Act are also more structural measures, not just reconstruction, but much more sustainable public finances and the balance between revenue and expenditure. So I understand the question, but at the moment, while the trust fund is largely invested in concrete projects and expectations have also been raised, it would not make sense to take it away from there.


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