Knops 5: 7.2 million available for the implementation of the coral restoration plan Dutch Sint Maarten

Then I come to the third block of the four: a number of questions regarding the BES. Mr Dittrich wondered about the plans for Bonaire as Blue Destination. Blue Destination is a beautiful concept, I think. That’s really from the island. That’s what they came up with there; We didn’t come up with that for them. But then you also have to take a number of measures with regard to wastewater management and coral protection in order to be able to live up to that asset of diving and beautiful nature in the future. You’re going to have to invest in that. As part of the Envelope region, we have made 7.2 million available for the implementation of the coral restoration plan. Another part that is currently running, also with tourism organizations, is certifying destinations and tourist locations as Blue Destination destination. These are tested against a number of quality marks to see if they meet sustainability and environmental aspects and whether they handle raw materials in a good way. I feel like it’s still in its infancy, but I think it’s a very strong concept or idea. But honestly, it’s still too much of a concept and too little charge. In conversations with the public body, I have insisted on making it more concrete. Bonaire is now also working on a master plan in which they want to put sustainability first. That goes hand in hand with wanting to overgrow, how much want to overgrow, what is needed for this. These are choices that the public body itself must make in the first instance, but it does not hurt to use the knowledge and skills from the Netherlands in this area as well. That has now been asked for. Once again, this is a very important element in the context of the administrative agreement.

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