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UPDATE: PJIA Airport Finally Fires CEO Brian Mingo, After Asking Him To Resign In December

They asked him to resign in DECEMBER… and he just hung around collecting a salary for 4 months, until they FIRED him? He needs to be jailed for that alone. ONLY IN ST MAARTEN


SIMPSON BAY — The Princess Juliana International Holding Company has requested their Chief Executive Officer Brian Mingo to resign from his post. The letter dated December 3rd was sent by email and hand-delivered to Mingo.

The letter states that Mingo has been employed by PJIAE for the past two years since the agreement between Mingo and PJIAE was signed on November 30th 2019 with a start date of January 7th, 2019.

“During the almost two years of your engagement, as well as several meetings with the shareholder Princess Juliana International Airport Houdstermaatschappij NV (PJIAH), the Council of Ministers (COM) and St. Maarten Parliament on the progress of the PJIA reconstruction project amongst other projects and issues, regretfully it must be stated that none of these key stakeholders are pleased with your functioning as CEO within the organization.

PJIA CEO Brian Mingo
The letter continues to state that Mingo has a lack of ability to move the reconstruction project of the airport forward has become more than evident since its been over three years since the terminal building has been severely damaged by Hurricane Irma and there is no consistency in his projected completion date for the reconstruction of the terminal building. This is quite alarming seeing the fact that it has been more than a year since the funds have been made available for the reconstruction.

As the project timelines continue to shift under Mingo’s leadership, all stakeholders (both locally as internationally) continue to express their concern in his ability to align your vision with those of the Shareholder and other stakeholders involved in terms of getting the airport up and running before possibly being faced with yet another catastrophe.

The current general sentiment expressed by all is that PJIAE is failing under Mingo’s leadership tenure thus far and by extension the economy on the whole of this island, which solely depends on tourism.

The general sentiment which is also shared by the undersigned can be summed as follows, which list is not exhaustive:

  1. Lack of real progress of airport terminal reconstruction;
  2. Your vision for PJIA not aligned with vision of shareholder and government;
  3. Non-cohesive relationship with fellow managing board members;
  4. Strained relationship with employees resulting in the employees’ issuance of a letter of non-confidence in you;
  5. Your latest presentation to the shareholder and COM (November 12, 2020) outlining the increase in reconstruction budget cost from $107 million to $119 million or an increase of $12 million allegedly due to indexation rates and additional project costs, that will continue to be an issue seeing the delay in the reconstruction.

Furthermore, Mingo have shown a lack of interest in pursuing the necessary steps in realizing the much-needed US Pre-clearance for the airport, the relocation of the Fuel Farm has not been effectuated, the establishment of a New Fuel Farm has not been done, the much needed Fixed Based Operations (FBO) building for which a contract was already signed has not been done and the list goes on.

Regretfully, PJIAE must inform him that this situation can no longer be sustained. Based on the preceding points and a growing lack of confidence in his ability to move the company forward, lack of progress on the reconstruction of the terminal building, your failure to foster a good working atmosphere with your colleagues, employees and the stakeholders amongst others, they strongly request that he tenders his resignation by the end of today’s date December 4, 2020, effective January 4, 2021. Failure to comply with this request will ultimately lead us taking the necessary legal measures to terminate the relationship.


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