st maarten government meteorological weather update latest

St Vincent residents who have not had their Covid Vaccine BANNED from being evacuated onto cruise ships. One Dead. Structures Under Ashes


Breaking News
According to the lead Scientist there are evidence that pyroclastic flows are now occurring with La Soufriere’s eruptions

Good morning, we are in direct contact with SVG. They are trapped in their homes. I will be uploading the latest Videos and photos and local commentary here all day. Click back, for the updates and real Vincencians are letting the world know as it happens. Right now we had to make sure they were okay.

Good morning all. Rapid and continued explosions accompanied by tremor all night! Sounds almost like a heavily boiling pot almost all night. No signs of letting up. Another major eruption a few minutes ago. The picture below is from what suppose to be the safe zone. Imagine Zones closer to the Volcano. SVG is now completed covers in Ash. We will need help.
This is Roxell John from St. Vincent

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