nardy cramm

The Old, Big, Fat, Racist,Thieving, Whoring, WHITE Elephant In The Room: Nardy Cramm

Remember when Dutch MP’s Ronald Van Raak SP and Andre Bosman, VVD HIRED AN OLD PROSTITUTE, by the name of Nardy Cramm? She would use her old hacker boyfriend Nico, Black Lion to set up Knipsel Krant Curacao to undermine the Black government and to accuse them of crimes Nardy has committed for YEARS…

I learned that there is no word called ‘former prostitute’, once you are a whore, you are a whore for life. Only an old Dutch whore would STEAL donations and contributions from a person dying…. and really believe they got away with it.😂😂😂 I am drinking coffee… wait for the videos. And audio, I RECORDED EVERYTHING AT NARDY’S VILLA IN LEEUWARDEN, and Ronald Van Raak at her home, how ethical, almost her pimp. Then André contacts her online, then she heads to Leeuwarden prison to blow Carlos the Hitman Richardson for info.

No joke… They were told I would not survive surgery. I did…

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