st maarten news

In St Maarten They Worship The Pedophiles That Prey On Their Kids, Make Them Victims, Blame The Child… And Attack The Whistleblowers

The videos are wake up calls, it can happen to anybody… Not one of you pedo enabling hypocrites stepped up when Andrew Dick was molesting YOUR daughters. SOME of you DEFENDED him, and blamed the 14 old girls. The EVIDENCE is below…. This man openly peddled children, and you want to criticize the blog as you stood up to defend a pedophile? I would not trust any of you around children, because either you are just like him, a pedo… or you are like that secretary who just got busted, an enabler. Then I see your crooked, pedo enabling asses going to church twice on Sundays. The Holy water should scald ayo stinking hypocritical asses. St Maarteners like to normalize RAPING children. All of you bitches going to hell in a hand basket!

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