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Rijksmuseum: symposium on the sources of slavery

Sources of Slavery and Slave Trade

On Friday 23 April the Rijksmuseum organizes in collaboration with the Dutch National Library and the National Archives in The Hague an online international symposium. 

The symposium marks the launch of the upcoming  Slavery exhibition  at the Rijksmuseum (opening day still unknown) and the finalizing of the Metamorfoze Project in which more than 400 meters of archival material on slavery and slave trade were preserved and digitized.

Our keynote speaker is Marisa Fuentes. She is a writer, historian and associate professor of Women and Gender Studies at Rutgers University, New Jersey.

Presentations on museum practice will be given by Eveline Sint Nicolaas, Valika Smeulders and Felicia Fricke. Stanley Griffin, Karwan Fatah-Black and Maria Karg & Coen van Galen will give presentations relating to archival research.

The symposium concludes with an international panel of experts reflecting upon the greater accessibility, implementation and shifting ideas of both museums as well as archives regarding the use of different sources.

The afternoon will be moderated by Nancy Jouwe.

Date: Friday April 23.
Time: 1 pm CEST via live stream.
Language: English.
Free admission, registration is required.

For more information on the topic and speakers of this event, and instructions on how to join, please visit our website. And of course, feel free to forward this invitation to any of your contacts who might be interested

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