Photos Police (KPSM) requesting assistance with confiscated stolen vehicles Dutch Sint Maarten News

The Police of Sint Maarten (KPSM) has been continuously working towards putting a halt to the increase in car thefts taking place on both sides of the island. We continue in
2021 the fight against this type of crime.

Over the last few months, law enforcement from both sides of the island, have intensifying controls on all vehicles. Since 2020 KPSM put together a dedicated team, consisting of several specialized officers, to carry out specific tasks in connection with the car theft investigations. The team located and retrieved vehicles suspected of being stolen and also arrested the suspects involved.

During the course of these investigations started in 2020, various vehicles were confiscated. Most of the confiscated vehicles were returned to the rightful owners. Upon further examination of a few of the confiscated vehicles, it became impossible to determine the original or legal owners of the vehicles. The culprits had manipulated the VIN numbers or engine numbers in such a way that it was impossible to determine ownership.

Through this press release, the Sint Maarten Police Force would like to request those persons, who may own any of these vehicles, to visit the station in Philipsburg. The rightful owners, with the legal documents, can collect their vehicles until the end of May 2021.

It’s imperative that members of the public avoid buying motor vehicles that can be potentially stolen. Some buyers of these vehicles have no idea that these vehicles were stolen until it is too late. At which point they will be at a double disadvantage because the vehicle will be confiscated, they will be arrested, as well as their monies will be lost.

The Sint Maarten Police Force will continue to work tirelessly to prevent vehicle theft but only with the help of the community, can we stop the circulation of stolen vehicles.

Please find attached a series of photographs of several confiscated vehicles whose owners cannot be identified.

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