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Video: Why Would MP Rolando Brison Try To Help The Man With Dirt On Him? Dead Men Tell No Tales. The Demon that PM Jacobs Is Describing Is Named ‘ROLANDO’!

1) Prayers are private and should be genuine. You pray for the best for a person from your heart, not via social media.
2) You ever had someone treat you like trash, and people called them out on it? The next thing you know they are being too nice, so nice it makes you wonder what they are up to.
3) Don’t make me start calling out the hypocrites who were video sharing, now they’re on Facebook caring.
4) Talk all the sht you want about me, the videos posted public had already made the rounds privately.
5) When I get to blog I will post images.
6) I am not the one making a big, FAKE show of support for Andrew, THE PEOPLE LAUGHING AND INBOXING ARE.
7) They are praying now because they are afraid of Karma.
8) People were enjoying his downfall because he is neither a nice nor good person. From pedo accusations, embezzling, woman abuse… Just like me, Andrew had a lot of enemies waiting for this moment. THOSE ARE THE PEOPLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA RIGHT NOW, PRAYING WITH ONE EYE OPEN.
9) MP Rolando Brison must be very uneasy. He turned his coke-buddy into a crack addict, and abandoned him. Getting SCREENSHOTS to post.
9a) Andrew’s friend want him dead, not me…I posted how they had him…time IT there… Andrew Dick partied with the elite, he knows their secrets, he snorted with them, why would they genuinely help or pray for them? He can bring down giants. Thry cut him off, after mainlining him with the best sht for years. Let him fall apart from withdrawals. So he had withdrawals, acted violent, police showed up… ANTI PSYCHOTIC INJECTIONS.
Now when Andrew speaks, they can say he is discredited, didn’t you see the videos of him on drugs wandering the road? Who put Andrew on the road? Who left him out there? Not me…
The same guy Rolando sent to St Peter’s to offer me drugs, is the same nikka that got Andrew out there, then he’s on Facebook chatting sht about Andrew needs medication. Medication my ass! Same way Rolando sent him to me, Rolando sent him to Andrew… And Andrew fell for it… hook, line and sinker…
10) I believe that his posh high class friends in government want him dead. That’s why it took my videos, and so much public outcries to respond.
I am in my house in St Peters, and I’m getting videos of Andrew down Maho, then so are they.
11) Why would they willingly help Andrew knowing that they introduced him to the coco… I know he stole a lot, from a lot of people to maintain his habit.
12) Since 2010 I’ve been covering Parliament. There were Parliamentarians running up the stairs, their noses dripping, paranoid. I posted the videos and ended up in jail.
13) This coke game in government didn’t start with Rolando. Paralatino is the Comicom of Colombian cocaine.
14) I don’t jump on ridiculous bandwagons. It’s crowded, enough moronic sheep along for the ride.
16) If you are a real Christian, who are you trying to fake with your crocodile tears?
17) You don’t like Andrew, you hate his guts but you were so gleeful at his demise, now you are feeling a little bit guilty.
18) When I die, cremate me and throw my ashes into the sea. If you hold a funeral for me, and any of these FAKE MFers show up, I am jumping out the coffin for them.
19) GTF out of here with your disingenuous b.s.
20) Monkey’s know which popaw tree to climb.
21) Even the Prime Minister commented about “Andrew’s demons”… well, we know one demon by name… ‘Rolando’
22) Let me get back to being poor, broke and low classed.

Silveria knows that the Demon is Rolando

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