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Food Assistance Is Cut For St Maarten’s Neediest, As Monthly Allowance To Survive In SXM Is LESS Than $400 Dollars. Nothing But SILENCE From the Silveria Jacobs Government

They are telling me that they cut food assistance because of potential fraud. Some households had more than one food card. When I say food card, that is exactly what it is. You are allowed to go to one shop to get $100+ in FOOD… Nothing else, and how far do you think one hundred gets you in a grocery store? It gets you three days in a double household, less if you have kids. The people happy food assistance has been cut for all, because a few took advantage NEVER speak of the fraud going on to this day in our government… OVER ONE BILLION DOLLARS STOLEN OR MISMANAGED BY YOUR GOVERNMENT, BUT YOUR FAT ASS WORRIED ABOUT HOUSEHOLDS WITH MORE THAN $100 IN FOOD CARDS! If you read the CFT reports, if you read the integrity report, you would see that the Dutch Sint Maarten deficit is NOT caused by anderstand, pensions or disability support. St Maarten needs liquidity support because of government’s exorbitant salaries, and redundant salaries….but NOBODY is talking about that. Minister Rudolph Samuel is making $20.000+ per month with his $10.000+ per month salary, plus his $10.000 per month Parliamentarian salary, so you cut anderstand for the protest to $360 per month, and you remove the food allowance completely? Yet Chris, Toontje are everyday in the papers crying about waste management contracts, because they want to get their greedy paws on the millions in funding put aside by Holland for waste management. Thousands of the neediest are cut off from their food, you don’t see those fat skunts like Toontje and Christopher jumping up in the papers about that.

The same people on Facebook saying that the disabled and elderly do not need food assistance, are the same people who will be begging for a handout when they lose their jobs, when the next hurricane hits, if there is another lock down caused by pandemic. If because of two natural disasters you are out of job and need extra support… what does anybody else crime have to do with it? All of the BILLIONS YOUR GOVERNMENT HAS STOLEN AND DEFRAUDED THEIR PEOPLE OF, YOU WORRIED ABOUT WHETHER THERE IS MORE THAN ONE FOOD CARD IN A HOUSEHOLD. I cannot afford to WASTE anymore data speaking to a bunch of people who talking sht now, but hurricane season is right around the corner. Today you are on top, day after hurricane you are jobless and homeless. You will find yourself in the very same shoe as the people you are talking about right now. Same fat fckers that had shopping carts loaded high, after their post hurricane Irma looting sprees, on Facebook acting high and mighty now. A lot of THIEVES TALKING BOUT BEGGING ON FACEBOOK. We need to do a Throwback Thursday. Repost all of those looting Videos Grand Marche, Cost U Less, Front Street and Backstreet… I agree with them, they don’t have to beg. They don’t have to beg because they loot, STEAL and sell ass to stay ahead of the Jones’, and to look down on others. The people who they cut off are the neediest, least privileged, no WIFI, not even a phone. They do not have the voice to speak out and the government knows it. So many in St Maarten do not get anything from anderstand. Every month because they are disabled, someone goes to the bank to collect their money, they NEVER see any of their money. Those people sometimes their only meal per day is from the Redcross volunteers. Silveria Jacobs fake ass on Facebook, vacationing when she should be Signing off on the next tranche of liquidity…Nobody dares discuss that. Silveria posting about Mr Georgetown, Andrew Dick…What about your constituents, the hundreds of St Maarteners you abandoned Silveria? Government coffers running dry, Silveria skipped town to get nyam from her Man-faced btch. Money running out, Silveria on a cruise as she lies about health emergencies… AGAIN. We now know, when the going gets tough in St Maarten, Silveria gets going.

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