Netherlands Vs Former Antilles

Video: Silveria SUCKS As Prime Minister, The Current Tenuous Situation Of The Dutch Kingdom: Sint Maarten Trust Fund High Level Meeting Minister Knops

Another day of high level meetings between Dutch Minister of Interior, Raymond Knops and the Dutch Sint Maarten Government. Minister of Interior and Kingdom Relations, Knops is on his way out, and leaving a Kingdom Relations dumpster fire behind him, and he knows it.

Knops never accomplished what he was supposed to in the Dutch Caribbean … improve Kingdom Relations. In fact, it’s the opposite, he’s actually gone out of his way, to make things much worse.. Holland chose a sensitive moron, who only seems to know knee-jerk reactions and appointed him as top emissary of Kingdom Relations, knowing that he is arrogant, condescending and there are ZERO diplomatic qualities about him. But Rutte is a Kutte, Rutte is Rotte…so what can we expect? Garbage begats garbage.

On one hand we have the criminals in the St Maarten Government like MP Grisha and MP Rolando Brison, that need to be fast tracked to prison. On the other hand we have fascists like Knops, Bosman, Van Dam, Van Raak cosplaying Mussolini…

I assume Ministers are appointed based on experience, but Kingdom Ministers have to also be diplomats, they are dealing with FOUR countries.. Raymond Knops was everything but tactful and diplomatic. It has always been his way or the highway. The only thing ‘his way’ got him was front page of every major newspaper world wide being known as a racist, and leaving behind a worse legacy than Plasterk.

Basically the Dutch government is made up of racists, and the St Maarten Government is made up of criminals. So us poor St Maarteners have to choose between a shit sandwich or a turd sandwich. St Maarten is now proudly on the front page of every mainstream paper, claiming that it rescued 100 Vincencians…. ON THE SAME DAY THEY CUT OF FOOD ASSISTANCE TO THOUSANDS OF ST MAARTEN’S POOREST LEFT IN NEED AFTER A TRIPLE DISASTER! HURRICANE, CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT, PANDEMIC…

Things got MUCH worse in the Antilles with Knops as head emissary, and Jacobs as our supposed leaders. Because with Silveria’s absenteeism at the worst moments, and Knops’ assholish ways… We were screwed from the getgo…

The anti Dutch Governments are winning elections and Pro Dutch, or Dutch friendly governments are falling. You can thank Knops for that. There’s one thing though…you cannot say Knops did not accomplish anything. He did. He accomplished what even Plasterk couldn’t. He worsened Dutch Antillian Relations, and is a part of the reason the Washington Post and hundreds of media houses around the world had to question the Dutch racist past, present and future. Knops started many discussions around the world because of his ignorance and ego.

The Curacao government has let Holland and its representatives know, that they are not here for ‘crumbs’. The difference between Curacao’s MFK and St Maarten’s UPP… is that their leader is already in prison… Ours, Theo Heyliger is pulling every get-out-of-jail-card out of his sleeves, but he is running out of cards…

Everyone knows that Rolando, Grisha, Akeem, Frans etc are all UNDER INVESTIGATION…THEY ARE GOING TO JAIL! Somebody rolled a LOOOOONG time ago on all of our government’s illicit activities. I believe it’s Maurice Lake…..BECAUSE HOW COME MAURICE HAS NOT BEEN ARRESTED???

Silveria loves to pretend that she is above the fray, she is not… Her hands are dirty too. That is why Toontje and Chris love to talk everyday to the media about waste management, and recycling…but they rarely talk about fixing up the prison. Our Politicians know that they are upgrading the prison for themselves, their friends and family.

According to Knops, current St Maarten Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs has been mostly unreachable and missing in action. I don’t know if it is because he disrespected her by hanging up the phone on her, but had Sillie been Willie… she would have been GONE! A long time ago…

Silveria is a terrible, horrible double talking shyster of a politician. She got the power she craved, and now she cannot be found. Too busy entangled in personal relationships, she cannot focus on her job. Her advisors say that she follows no one’s advice… Except for the semi literate girlfriend, who looks like she just graduated from remedial school. We are not allowed to say anything factual about idiot Silveria, because she meets the unholy trinity for political correctness. She’s black, a gay and a female…So everyone is scared to talk. Because automatically you are a misogynistic, racist, homophobe. So I’ll say it…Silveria might enjoy sucking, but then she should not be in government….PERIOD! She needs to be sucking in her own personal time, right now she is dragging St Maarten down, right alongside her…

SILVERIA WAS A HORRIBLE CHOICE! Give me Sarah any day, at least a snake knows which direction it is headed.

Piss poor leaders, like Silveria REFLECT on the voters. People wonder who were stupid enough to elect her into office.

In case you didn’t know it, there lots of stupid people in St Maarten… They don’t realize, and they don’t care that they already cut food for the poor and social welfare. But people like Silveria and crew who are making over +10.000 per month, won’t see a pay reduction UNTIL 2023! So politicians who are ignoring food card cuts this week, have been crying about getting a pay cut on their $10.000 per month salary, in 2023! The idiots who elected them, deserve them, but the innocent and intelligent don’t. We don’t deserve this type of leadership or so called leaders.

As soon as her signature was needed to sign off on the next tranche of liquidity support, Madam Prime Minister once again disappeared off St Maarten with her girlfriend. Not the first time. The last time she claimed family emergency, photos proved it was a lie. Silveria is pathological when it comes to lying, but I guess that’s why she chose politics as a career.

Anyone who dares point out that Silveria Jacobs is a liar, who cares so little about her constituents that she does not even bother to invent fresh lies, she just recycles old ones…gets dissed.

PM Silveria Jacobs took a brief break from her extended vacation with her girlfriend to post words of encouragement for Andrew Dick, but not ONE word for the St Maarten people. The vacation she took the day before she was supposed to sign off on clarifying letter to UN and extend the Liquidity support to pay government workers etc. The same day Sarah came out and said St Maarten would run out of money within the next month or two. If Sarah is aware, then so should Silveria…

Deadlines have come and gone, funding for FOOD has been cut, St Maarten is in a dire situation as we see crime increase, yet Silveria is moving like she will never ever run in another election.

Silveria, could care less about the St Maarten people, but the people that it effects are not just the ones who voted for her. Silveria was supposed to be an improved version of William and Sarah, turns out Silveria ain’t shit, and could care less about the people.

Silveria is too busy getting beat down on Government CCTV cameras by her man faced…. ahem…

While St Maarten is in a crisis, the PM Jacobs had us locked in the house eating sardines, but she down by Mullet with her girlfriend and dey eating Bacalao.

Silveria, just like Marlin is on a downward trajectory in politics. WAIT TIL NEXT ELECTION SILLY…They will call us homophobic, for pointing out out Prime Minister put us on lockdown and told us to eat SARDINE and crackers….but what were they, eating on CAMERA down Mullet Bay Beach… In public, taxi park in bushes with camera? If a male Prime Minister was getting his ass beat at the Government building on CAMERA by his boyfriend, and getting blown down Mullet Bay in public, in the middle of a draconian lockdown, so they thought no one would see, we would be talking about it. Silveria as Prime Minister has been one of St Maarten’s worst mistakes.

Everyone is quiet because it is a female f**king up!


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