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Law Enforcement St Maarten Corcerned About Increasing Youth Crime

PHILIPSBURG – The Law Enforcement Council is concerned about the shortcomings of youth crime prevention in Sint Maarten. The training of minors in the Miss Lalie Center juvenile detention center also requires attention. The Council stated this in a press release yesterday.

The Law Enforcement Council is pleased with the improvements in adult and juvenile rehabilitation in St. Maarten, but states that juvenile delinquency and youth rehabilitation are worrying topics.

According to the Council, the Miss Lalie Center youth rehabilitation center has not established a full-fledged education program for young people.

In addition, the Council is of the opinion that there is still no integrated policy focusing on the prevention of juvenile crime on the island.

According to the Board, this is the result of broader problems. Society on St. Maarten is becoming increasingly complex and problematic and requires an integrated approach.

The subject of youth would be a good example of this because it requires both an integrated and an inter-ministerial approach. “The judicial organizations involved do their best individually, but they always run into the high degree of dependence on the ministry, which means that the intended effect is not achieved,” said the Council.

Jeugdrehabilitatie en -criminaliteit Sint-Maarten zorgelijk

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