Raymond Knops

FULL STORY With Insight: The Netherlands Tries To Save Face, And Accepts MP Brison’s ‘Garbage’ Letter. PM Silveria Jacobs Reinstated Food Assistance After Being Shamed Publicly

There only seems to be two camps in the Dutch Caribbean Kingdom… Pro Dutch Government & Anti Antillan Government…. Or Pro Antillian Government, anti Holland government . I might be the ONLY person within the Kingdom who hates BOTH, attacks BOTH, because they are BOTH corrupt. Which means I have twice as many enemies, because I refuse to side with anyone knowingly doing wrong.

The Dutch Government, whose favorite pastime is looking down at the Antilles and calling them Banana Republics, compared the need for financial aid, after the devastating category Five Irma to alcoholism….

So you would think that the Dutch Government would at least try to lead by example. They like to portray themselves as the paragons of good governance with not one racist bone in their body. This is the same Dutch government that just FELL for TARGETING MINORITIES IN A SCAM. THREATENING THEM, FORCING THEM BACK TO THE ANTILLES ALTHOUGH THEY ARE BORN DUTCH. The Dutch government are not as clean as they like to portray themselves. Holland is the money laundering, human trafficking and drug shipping of Europe. They are just smarter about their crimes. The St Maarten Government has a huge criminal and ethics issue, but they also have low IQ issues . CONVICTED felons are allowed to run government, a known woman beater just passed screening and became Minister….but I digress…

Everyone agreed that MP Brison’s letter of explanation to Knops was garbage. Nonsensical garbage, yet the Dutch St Maarten government and the Dutch government made it seem like it was a ‘truce’. A truce means BOTH sides gave in, without admitting to any wrong doing, but everything is not okay. Holland and Knops have chosen not to fight this battle in the St Maarten government’s arena. Because they know that not only does the Dutch Sint Maarten Government dwell in a shitpit…they thrive in it. But shit splatters, and Holland does not want it blowing back on them. Their reputation is already under attack because of the Dutch Blackface tradition. Holland has gotten away for a looooong time calling their racist caricatures in Black face their ‘culture’. Which is not far from the truth. Holland was nothing until it started invading countries and exploiting its people and resources. You can Google this, but a huge part of Holland’s culture is STEALING BLACK FOLKS, SEGREGATING AND SUBJUGATING THEM IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES THROUGH DUTCH CREATED APARTHEID etc etc etc…

After Holland and Europe, raped, looted and pillaged Africa. They now refer to it with disdain wondering why it can’t develop like European countries. It cannot develop at a European pace, because Europeans raped it and its people. They raped, pillaged, sucked ot dry. So basically, Holland’s culture comes from the very same people they look down on and treat as subhuman…. NEGERS

Slave trade leaders, colonial leaders, apartheid leaders. Then I have these Eurotrash, racist pricks at dossierkoninkrijkrelaties… A MAKAMBA… not sure if it is Rene Zwart… on my blog calling me a THIEF for translating his article to English so that most St Maarteners could understand, and linking the translated article to the original source.

I do not care how lewd or profane or outrageous my blogs get. NO MAKAMBA CAN CALL ME A THIEF. Holland was a German mudhole until they figured out they could massacre AFRICANS and rape the country of all resources.

NO MAKAMBA CAN CALL BE BIASED! Hollanders love me when I am criticizing the crooked Antillian Governments, but act offended when I point out the blatant racism and prejudice which you are expected to accept if you choose to live in their country.

Knops and the Dutch Government caved in and ate Rolando’s shit sandwich, because although they know petitioner Rolando is an alleged coke monkey working for the mob, making erratic coke head decisions…. They know that they have evidence of Grisha Marten at Port de Plaisance, shaking down the Turks for property, so that Theo would not say his name. Holland knows all of this….

But …although the Rolando and Grishas motives were self serving and had nothing to do with helping the St Maartener, they were SMART ENOUGH to include some elements of the TRUTH.

The petition sent to the UN was mostly true, however it was not sent to assist anyone but the people ordered to pay restitution and sentenced to jail.

It galls Holland and the Dutch, knowing that they were smeared worldwide by the racism article, but they had no choice but to agree to a pretend truce, because the other option would be to admit to the blatant racism that is pervasive in the Dutch Caribbean.

Let me try to explain… Dutch politicians like to put on three piece suits, arrange meetings, then debate all day. That is the Eerste and Tweede Kamer’s arena. They set up FAKE ANTILLIAN PROPAGANDA NEWSPAPERS AND MEDIA SITES that they pay to pretend to be unbiased journalists who care about Black folks. That is Holland’s arena. Holland has hegemony… SO HOLLAND IS THE WORST PLAYGROUND BULLY…. Google the word… but they like to say that we are equal in the Dutch Kingdom. THAT IS A BLATANT LIE. Census consider Dutch Antillians as lesser than their European counterparts. Until Holland addresses its racism and denials of racism, there will always be a war, and Holland will come out looking worse than St Maarten because they are perceived as being the big bad bullies. And Knops’ actions, kinda proved their case.

Holland has the right to attach conditions to loans

HOLLAND’S MONEY….HOLLAND HAS THE SAY! But Raymond Knops shot himself in the foot when he added conditions of reform and restructuring that had NOTHING to do with pandemic and hurricane support.

St Maarten CANNOT be compared to any other Antillian country. Saba and Statia are Gemeentes…Aruba, Bonaire and Curaco didn’t get hit by a hurricane, so St Maarten is a lot worst than most.

Everyone in St Maarten knows, the people who created and signed off on the anti-colonialism letter to the United Nations did it in desperatation. MP Rolando Brison is desperate, his best laid plans are falling apart. MP Rolando Brison was desperate to become Minister, to control the Minister’s portfolio, which comes with millions of funding assistance, that they could steal and squander. Rolando was told that he had been appointed Minister, and started to show his true colors. The UP always intended to run a shadow government from the Coast: Simpson Bay, Mullet, Maho, Cupecoy. MP Rolando Brison was so arrogant and confident, he actually dined on camera with Mafia Boss Corallo, to show loyalty. Soon as MP Rolando started to smell his piss after his sit down with Mob boss Corallo, he was under investigation. Corallo gave him the go ahead, the instructions… and most likely assured financing.

If you are as power hungry as MP Rolando Brison, and a Mafia Boss agrees to sit down with you to negotiate… all common sense would fly out the door. Here is a man WORTH OVER 40 BILLION DOLLARS. The Netherlands is making the islands jump through hoops for assistance, then here is mafioso Corallo sitting down with a Member of Parliament with grave financial issues, of course Rolando was negotiating with the Mafia.

THE MAFIA OWES BILLIONS IN TAXES TO ST MAARTEN, ARUBA AND CURACAO. The Mafia realized, they don’t have to pay billions in taxes, if they invest millons in buying a few Parliamentarians and Ministers.

MP Grisha Marten, Rolando’s side kick has her own reason for signing the Petition, and it has nothing to do with racism. Grisha Marten thought she hit the Jackpot when she married a millionaire, Theo Heyliger on his death bed. Theo survived. He was convicted, now he has to pay at least $17 Million back in restitution, so of course Grisha was desperate enough to join the Petition.

Everyone knew that the Petition was the desperate last actions of two politicians facing jail and restitution. Holland knows that the Petition is not about racism and restitution, yet Knops and Holland pretended to play along. The Prime Minister conveniently disappeared…why?

WHY? Knops and the Dutch are not going to fight Grisha, Rolando and the SXM government in their arena…The Dutch SXM government cesspit. No… They are going to have RST, TBO, RECHERCHE fight our government in THEIR arena… The Criminal Court House and the Tax Courts…

Let me post the FULL article from the Curacao Chronicle:

Knops accepteert de brief die Sint-Maarten afgelopen week stuurde. Daarin staat dat het parlement het Caribisch Orgaan voor Hervorming en Ontwikkeling (COHO) nog altijd steunt. Dit ondanks de klacht die datzelfde parlement  bij de VN indiende. Deze klacht beschuldigde Nederland van racisme en kolonialisme. 

“De verklaring van de Staten van Sint-Maarten is genoeg voor de Rijksministerraad om het traject voor liquiditeitssteun voort te zetten”, zei Knops gisteren tegen The Daily Herald.

Volgens Jacobs zal het traject voor de oprichting van COHO verdergaan zoals in dat in december afgesproken was. Sint-Maarten neemt weer deel aan de discussies met Curaçao, Aruba en Nederland over het juridische traject. 

“De overheid zal blijven werken aan de nodige verbeteringen. Dat is ons doel. Wat het doel van Nederland is – dat weet ik niet. We zullen dat gedurende de gesprekken merken”, aldus Jacobs. 

Komende vrijdag bespreekt de Rijksministerraad de liquiditeitssteun voor Sint-Maarten.

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