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St Maarten Has A New Minister Of BAS Omar Ottley. I WILL NOT Congratulate Him, Until I See Him In Person

Everyday the politicians post articles, and every media house publishes them, except me. If I believe it is relevant, I will post. Most of the message coming from politicians are propaganda and lies.

Minister of VSA Omar Ottley

Minister of VSA Omar Ottley

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – Former Member of Parliament for the United People’s Party Omar Ottley has taken the oath of office as the new Minister of Public Health Social Development and Labour.

The UP Board issued a press release congratulating Minister Ottley on his appointment. 

“We extend heartfelt congratulations to you on being appointed to this most prestigious position. At a time when our country still struggles to contend with economic fallouts and loss of life from the Corina Virus, we believe your dedication and commitment to truth, honesty and integrity, will be a guiding force that makes the difference for all of the people on St. Maarten.”

Minister Ottley joins the Council of Ministers in the UP Party/National Alliance Government, replacing outgoing Minister for UP Richard Panneflek. 

The UP Party’s release also sang high praises for Minister Panneflek. “We thank you on behalf of the people of St. Maarten for your tireless efforts to keep us safe. The UP Party and the people of St. Maarten will never forget your stellar performance during “the most challenging time in the history of St. Maarten when the entire world was on lockdown.” 

Minister Panneflek worked tirelessly over the past year to ensure that the necessary measures were in place for the protection, health and safety of the people of St. Maarten. His efforts include instituting measures that would allow the safe return of visitors to St. Maarten. 

President of the UP Party Francisco La Croes said the appointment of Minister Omar was well deserved. “He was the party’s’ third-highest vote-getter in the Snap general elections were held on 9 January 2020 and ran his campaign on the need to improve the social wellbeing of the people. I believe in the still difficult times ahead, he will navigate through the challenges and give hope to a brighter future for our people.”

At a time when the world still had reservations over the use of the rapid testing method to determine whether or not individuals were carriers of the coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the disease known as COVID-19, Minister Ottley, then Member of Parliament MP Ottley, purchased test kits with help from local businesses to get the country the support needed to detect the virus at a faster rate. 

Today that method of “Rapid Testing” is now being accepted globally as a means of detecting the virus. 

President of Parliament and Leader of the UP Party MP Rolando Brison was also quoted in the press release singing the praises of Minister Ottley. He said, “We are very proud that the person who we had originally nominated as Minister of VSR today has sworn in to do his duty for St. Maarten.”

“Due to circumstances beyond our control, it had appeared for a moment that MP Ottley would not be able to take up his position at the time. For that reason, I as leader of the party had taken up the mantle and began screening however just around when my screening was completed; we were informed that MP Ottley was able to swear in as Minister. As a result, we decided to allow the original candidate Minister Ottley take up his rightful post as Minister of VSR while I remain as President of Parliament,” said MP Brison.

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