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Continue to share links and post I am running on coffee since 4 am. I am done talking after one last video. HELP BY SHARING AND SENDING VIDEOS VIS WHATSAPP AT 721 580 0514

Before you criticize, I am not a reporter, I am doing this on my phone and it is costing me. Corrections? Contact me on WhatsApp politely 721 580 0514… If I need to beg for money for data to inform my people, I will. I am frustrated, video is heavy, and expensive. Will talk to you later.. So MUCH happened today, there is so MUCH Videos and photos I am posting everything here. I am working by phone no back up. Any corrections or errors you can contact me at 721 580 0514.

They want me desperate enough to negotiate my blog’s content. How else can they control me? I spent over 30 dollars of my disability meant for food. BECAUSE I AM A ST MAARTEN WOMAN. You cannot stop me from posting the TRUTH, you only make me more determined. Understand it costs me to post uncensored. Being Forced to purchase data everyday is supposed to make me negotiate? They cannot deport me, they have tried arresting me, they tried locking me in Mental Health until Mental Health had to Release due to Lack of a Mental illness. If you bought a car last month using the last of your money, to run taxi and earn a living…How would you feel if a month after you paid everything in FULL…
No taxi, now you Forced to use your last change to pay for bus and taxi AFTER you already paid for your car last month? That is what Kendall is doing to me. I called him he said I put 5 dollars on your phone….Honestly I am a vlogger, I do video 5 dollars last ten minutes live stream. Kendall is yapping me up 5 dollars here and there to keep me quiet and to convince me that he has no poder over when they connect. I have EVIDENCE of people getting same week service, almost overnight. I have EVIDENCE people who signed up after me got internet. I need internet for work, Kendall knows.. IT’s been over a month I have spent hundreds, my supporters too. I got people tapping me up because my blog is supposed to be generating money, making me less dependent. If Kendall had installed my internet he wouldnt have to throw five dollars which is literally 10 minutes of livestream. Kendall Dared me to make a video…
Knowing I have no data, but someone tapped me up. Over a month being prevented from generating my own income, being tapped up 5 dollars by the CEO to Stay quiet. If I need data I will ask rather than beg Kendall for what I already paid for. Im not going to attack the people trying to hinder and hurt me generating my own revenue. I will wait for karma to catch up. That guy busted for STABBING spongebob today, did everything in his Power to slander and diss me. I chose not to retaliate. I chose to wait. Kendall is expecting an outburst, but he won’t get it. Sometimes you do not have to go after people, just wait. My karma is clear, I will wait, and I Will send this MESSAGE to Kendall. I have EVIDENCE of same week service, not even for work… for porn and games. And Kendall wants to convince me I have to call a customer service number for help. Not happening Kendall…. I paid last month, I will wait. Government companies like GEBE and TELEM are pressured to make things as difficult as possible for me. I am very frustrated, but writing it out will maybe let Kendall see exactly how MUCH he us messing with his own karma. Back to blogging. SINCE I PAID TELEM, I CAN SHOW YOU THE HUNDREDS SPENT ON DATA. Not just me, my supporters also spendjng money on something thats paid for.

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